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my life is pretty crazy. really. some days i am in and out, up and down, on and off, here and there, basically every dichotomous preposition you can think of.

the days when i am home and have no where to be are rare, but  i take advantage of them. wholeheartedly. i don’t do my hair, or make up, or really care about much of my appearance, because i just have, to be, at home, good and mellow, and that’s always nice. it’s liberating actually to not care about those things. and i feel there is a certain beauty to all women underneath everything we use to cover up.

i believe there is such a natural rawness to us that is so intriguing and beautiful.









here’s to going without. to capturing the essence of the beauty underneath. to just taking a deep breath. to not worrying about wardrobe, hair or make up, to anything extrinsic, because really, it’s only the intrinsic that matters.