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last week i spent a day with my good friend and colleague julie rollins. we had, essentially, four shoots packed in to one day. there was so much on the agenda, and all of it was accomplished. especially the scheduled hanging, and laughing, and enjoying one another’s company.

we presented our ideas and shannon and brian totally jumped on board; it was incredible!!


we shot maternity most of the day. but somewhere in the middle we hit the extreme opposite and did some way-glammed-out head shots for a local salon and a possible publication in a cosmetology magazine:


and then we went back to finish the day in the pretty light with our original subject, my good friend shannon, who is expecting her 3rd boy!! 😉 more from our shoot and our fun soon. thank you shannon and brian for being our models, and my friends!!



thanks julie, for the day and for everything!!! xxoo to you all, kj