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i love a slice of warm apple pie. there is something about it that is so comforting, nostalgic, and good. i don’t eat pie regularly, but when the holidays hit i have to say that i do look forward to a piece of pie. apple pie. not pumpkin. apple. i just like it the best. my friend kellie is a piece of apple pie; she is deliciously warm and perfectly sweet with just a little hit of spice.


i was thrilled to meet more of her “filling” during their vacation to california this summer. honored, rather, to have been able to photographer her family pictures this year. it’s a bit intimidating to photograph another photographer’s family, but they immediately welcomed me and i forgot all the intimidations. 😉 i enjoying being with them so much; just like kellie they are all so warm and welcoming and deliciously in love with each other;  they made it so easy to “bite into their sweetness”.



they have some cinnamon in them too. i love cinnamon, such a good flavor. 😉


it’s kind of like the attitude of apple pie.



i have always, since i met her, felt a closeness to kellie; she is such good people. seeing her with her husband was something really special. shannon is a true gentleman, a rare breed. he too, is apple pie.


and the apples of their eye: dalton and emma. i hope my children grow up to be as sweet and “perfectly baked” as them.





this family is down home goodness. they are from kentucky. doesn’t that just speak apple pie too? i could listen to them talk all day; their accent drips like tasty filling; it’s so yummy. I LOVE IT!!!!





kellie, shannon, dalton, and emma, i can’t wait for more pie!! when? kellie, let’s “make” something happen soon. i miss you, friend! thank you again for sharing some time with me. i feel so connected with we are together. grateful for you and our “warm and comforting” friendship.