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i can do a lot of things with 22 minutes: take a cat nap, homework with gun, make a quick phone call, schedule a hair appointment, catch up on the day’s texts, pay my bills online, load the dishwasher, roll through the drive-thru for a coke, answer a few emails, play transformers, make beds, play my little pony, close my eyes and try to go to a quiet and restful place, call my man and check in on him, decide on what to have for dinner, flip through us weekly or read a quick chapter in my book, check facebook, and i can also shoot an engagement session in 22 minutes!!!

i finally got my chance to get my lens on bryce and lora. i had been waiting for this meeting for a long time and was thrilled to finally connect meet them, see them together, and spend time hearing about their story. i knew we were on a schedule, but when bryce dropped the 22 minute bomb, i realized it was a tight one.

each time i shoot an engagement session or a wedding for that matter it has a really interesting effect on me: i fall more in love with my husband. he is never present when i shoot (someone has to be home with the littles) but the chemistry and newness of fresh love is so contagious it makes me fall in love even more with him because i remember, almost inexplicably, us.

that’s something else i can do in 22 minutes: be reminded that love is constant, true, enduring, and present -and that you can be reminded of those feelings you have for others, through others.

i was grateful for our 22 minutes.


i like bryce and lora so much. they are both so interesting in personality; they are the perfect combination.






love this one; for sure my fav from the 22 minutes:


this one a close second:


their wedding is going to be out of this world incredible! they are working with heather of amorology weddings. beside myself to be working with her as well. just thinking about them, their day, and all the details, shoots me straight to the moon. it will be off- the- hook- cool!! can’t wait!!

i also can’t wait to shoot more of this beauty:



this chemistry:




and this emotion:


bryce and lora, thank you for the 22 minutes. can’t wait to have more time together. may the next few weeks go swiftly. so looking forward to being a part of your day!!

here’s to enjoying all of life’s minutes! cheers, kamee


ps a big thank you hug to ash colman for introducing us; thank you for being such an incredible voice for me; i am so grateful for you!!!