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i love it when women decide to go into business for themselves. it adds more fuel to this fire i have in myself. i feel really proud of them and want to do all i can to support the efforts and vision. when my friend allison told me she was starting her own business i couldn’t stop smiling, i couldn’t stop feeling so proud of her!!! she is an incredible artist in terms of interior design. she has always been really craft and every time i would visit i felt inspired by what she had just “made” or “rebuilt” or “refurbished”.

she has recently launched a new business called the rustic alley. run to her blog; read it every day!! add her on facebook and like the rustic alley fan page!! she finds these old pieces of furniture and then turns them into works of art with a little bit of tlc!! i wish we were closer; i would like to visit her house before each shoot to borrow a chair or trunk, a couch or bench. she is so insanely talented and such a geniunely good person. i wish her business much longevity and success!!! if you are looking for a piece for your house that has just that look, or if you have something but just don’t know what to do with it, get in touch with her; she will rework that couch to look like something that should be in a museum. she’s that good.

in honor of her and her new business she is offering, well, me, as a giveaway!! 😉 all you have to do is head over to her blog, follow the directions there and then tomorrow she will pick a winner!! the photo shoot giveaway is happening at just the right time too; it’s perfect for holiday photographs!! can’t wait to see who wins!!

allison, everything you touch turns to gold. i am so happy for you!! congratulations on this launch; i know you are going to be so fulfilled through this and i know are going to fill so many lives through the people you will meet!! love and luck, my friend!!! xxoo kj

these were taken a few years ago during one of my visits to az. they were short a daughter here. 😉 allison, refurbishes furniture similar to the piece in the photographs!! you must check out her stuff! she’s so incredible and has such an eye for texture and color!! i can’t wait to see what she makes next!!

i loved this image. we shot it before we even started, but i wanted to re-share it here:


the rustic alleyhere’s to you allison and all the beauty you are!!! xoxo kj