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i love to visit museums. i always have. since i was young i can remember enjoying a visit to a museum. much like a library, i feel smart, when i visit. cultured. textured. interesting. i am also fascinated by the relics of time and their preservation, and i also love considering the origins of inspiration for the pieces i am observing. i often wonder what was the muse behind the creation.

when i was teaching i taught a brief unit on greek mythology. i particularly enjoyed the myths revolving around the muses: the nymphs that would rest softly on the poet, artist, author, or builder and whisper the inspiration to create. i love this imagery of a goddess divine breathing artistry, insight, grace, and vision into your heart!

i have been calling on the muses lately. trying to listen carefully to what they speak to me. i recently had the ridiculous opportunity to travel to nashville, tennessee to work with a couple other photographers. thank you chesley summar and rebecca walker for the invitiation; you have no idea how both of you inspired me! while there i knew i wanted to create some type of shoot that played on the whole concept of the “muse”.

with the help of amy lynn larwig, one of nashville’s most sought after hair and make up designers, and our models, jordana and trent, we put together something i like to call the poet and the muse.

i hope you enjoy it as this month’s fine art project! may the muse you are hoping for rest softly on your shoulder and inspire something powerful in you.

the poet and the muse:

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