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thank you so much for thinking of me! i would absolutely love to. i mean, i figured you would ask me eventually. i know we haven’t been able to get together to go shopping or find the things you need but i am sure i can pick something up while i am out that will match the others. not sure if you have a flower girl yet either, but i am certain larkin will do nicely with your theme and feel; she pretty much matches everything. in the meantime, thanks for thinking of me, and asking, i mean i know you haven’t officially asked, but i am sure it’s coming, so i will just officially accept your offer to be in your wedding, even though you haven’t asked. i just know it’s coming, and i can’t wait. larkin and i, oh and jaren too, he can stand on omar’s side and be in the wedding party too, totally, wholeheartedly accept your invitation, that is yet to come, to be in your wedding.

love you much soon-to-be-best friend forever,



CAN YOU IMAGINE??? so awkward!!! renee, also please know i am wholeheartedly teasing!! 🙂

she an i were recently discussing awkward things that could happen in relation to a wedding; i thought i’d throw another idea out there!!

all jokes aside, i do feel a total connection to this couple, and am over the moon, that i get to be a part, the photography part, of their wedding!!!

these two are just fun. laughs and jokes all around. i wouldn’t be surprised if people invited themselves into their wedding: i wanted to be close to their energy too!!

oh, and they are filled with passion and romance. and you all know how much i love that!

love this one. so much.

and a few black and whites as the sun set and the moon rose:

renee and omar,

from my heart, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. i am honored and flattered that i get to be there to witness, document, and share in the celebration. i’m in love with your love and can’t wait to see more of it!! thank you again for thinking of me! excited for our next round of pictures!!!

i do really love you both,


ps renee, i always have van morrison’s moondance in my head when i think of you. that song should have been written about you! i’ll let him sing us out, and all the nights magic seems to whisper and hush, and all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush.