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the debate will be eternal. the argument plays repeatedly. objectivity really doesn’t exist. it can’t. really. shall we go there? 😉 jaren and i debate all the time about literature and how it is impossible to grade students objectively on something that is so subjective. it’s one reason he hated his english class so much: his interpretation was always different than his teacher’s and she consequently marked him down for it. are we, as humans, capable of being objective, when everything that makes us who we are is so subjective?

here’s the thing: life is subjective. everything about it is totally open to interpretation, just because i like something doesn’t mean the person standing next to me is going to be as passionate about it, and that’s what makes us all interesting and textured and cool. i am going to get everyone all bothered when i say that i don’t think harry potter is that great of a wizard, or when i say that i am probably the only person who hasn’t bought into the twilight novels or the teams edward or jacob; i just don’t care or particularly like them. that’s my opinion. it is what it is. but my girlfriends who love them don’t care that i don’t. they actually invite me along because i have something different to say about the subject. my point is, everyone is going to look at things differently. that’s fine. it’s good actually. it makes for really great conversation and insight; it takes thought to deeper levels which is really cool. it’s smart to consider something different from what you consider. i would never, however, call stephanie meyer and tell her that i didn’t care for edward or jacob, because first, she didn’t solicit advice or feedback from me, and second, who cares? she doesn’t. a zillion people love her work. she is making a bazillion dollars at bookstores and the box office. she doesn’t care if some don’t think she is a talented writer who touches the human spirit on a profound level. all she cares about is that her three boys all wear gap kids now instead of target’s circo. (she probably cares about other things too; i am sure she does. and there is nothing wrong with circo, both of my children sport it daily. ;))

life is about choices. if you don’t like what you are seeing, hearing, reading, etc. then block out the voice! i don’t read the twilight series because i choose not to; there are other novels that interest me more. WE have the choice to turn off that extrinsic force: turn off the radio, leave the theater, return the book, or exit out of the web page. it’s easy. if you don’t like what you see go somewhere else; fill your life with what fills you, but make it things that will take you to a higher level of thought and living.

i love the images i am about to showcase. i love the people who helped create them. to me they are cool, and noteworthy, and distinctive, and that’s all the matters.


a few weeks ago i kicked it with gus, a hobbiest photographer with a keen eye for life and freezing it with his camera. he is a shy, humble guy so there aren’t any links to him, but hopefully he will chime in soon with some of what he captured during our shoot together, because he did so well and got so many great images!! thank you gus for your humble spirit and enthusiasm to learn; i am grateful for that!

massive props to katrina of kitsch for all of the stylings for the shoot. hair, make-up, and wardrobe were all her creation. if you are looking for someone to style anything for you, she is the one to contact. plus her heart is so good; she somehow understands everyone’s debates. you will contact her to make you beautiful for something and will leave with a new friend.


and a thank you to keiri. it really couldn’t have been possible with out someone to take pictures of. 😉 you have the spirit of a quiet lion in that tiny frame!! i am so glad we met.

gus, katrina, and keiri, thank you all so much. you are all art to me, no debate about it. 😉











one of my favorites:






the “dirt” make-up smudges were incredible!! 😉




another favorite:



i loved everything about these images, but that’s just my subjective opinion.

thank you again to gus, kat, and keiri!!