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my boy starts school tomorrow. like real school. recess school. homework school. teether ball and four-square school.

i am excited for him.


the teacher in me is jumping out of my skin for him. the mom in me is feeling some tugs on the heart strings. not sure why. the teacher in me says this is so cool and such an awesome time. the mom in me agrees, but feels like time is still going way too fast.


the teacher in me says, “let him stretch; he will grow.” the mom in me wants to hold him, five forever.


the teacher in me knows he is going to do so well; the mom in me does too.


a full report and more from gunnar’s kindergarden shoot after his first day of real school, which happens in 9 hours and 45 minutes.

i love you son; i can’t wait to hear about everything that happens in kindergarden. xoxo mom