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it’s interesting to me how paths cross at a certain time for a certain reason. it’s also interesting how time takes a teacher/student relationship to a friend/friend with so much in common relationship.

i first met katie when she was a junior in high school; she was in my honors english class. IMG_7443katieanddave

she’s not in high school anymore. she’s graduated, is an accomplished teacher herself, is married to a way, way cool guy, and is a mother to one very sweet, and smart baby boy. during our visit, dave asked me is it was “weird” at all having both she and dave in our home and seeing her after all this time. it was only weird that i  knew her when she was still in braces, ogling over hot guys, and deciding on phloofy pink prom dresses. now we are practically the same person living two different lives with so, so, so much in common!! 😉

i loved reconnecting with katie and meeting her man, dave. it was fun to considering my first year of teaching and all of those students i loved so much. it made me want to throw myself back into the classroom; nostalgia has a tendency of doing that to me: it makes me long for a time in my life i loved so much and want to recreate it all again.

i loved katie and dave’s visit.


like all smart parents do they took a break from their babe for a little bit of time to be alone. they vacationed this summer on a cruise ship and docked in san pedro, where i was, coincidentally enough shooting with my friend julie. they found me and we started their weekend of shooting. (dave was such a good sport; wherever i went to shoot they came with me and after i was finished shooting my scheduled shoot i shot them. how’s the for employing the root “shoot” katie? ;))

i loved shooting here; it was just something new for me and that always inspires. not to mention these two were fun and up for anything!!








we caught up, like old friends do.

the next day i took them to work with me in old orange. while i shot my appointment, they mulled around and then met up with me later for the second portion of their shoot.

these were some of my favorites:







and we ended our weekend  together with a third shoot with at the beach, because how can you come to california and not shoot at the beach? you can’t. it’s kind of a rule. i guess.




katie and dave, thanks for coming and for spending some time with us! katie, may you continue to reach for all of your dreams like you always have! 😉 dave, may you get me that wedding in chicago! 😉 thanks again for coming you two; we loved it!!! next time bring baby!!!! xoxo kam and fam