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several months ago i bought a vintage type writer for our home. it functions, but i just wanted to use it for decoration. when i opened the box both of my kids were cowering to see what was inside. there was a smell: ancient ink, used ticker tape, and dusty old. gunnar immediatly covered his nose, “mom!!!! it smells like old!!!!”

“no son,” i smiled as i gingerly removed the 1954 treasure, “it smells like vintage.”

i love how the trend in 2011 is vintage. we are seeing it everywhere: home decor, clothing, accessories, and even the main theme for weddings.

when i arrived at kristin and patrick’s late summer wedding, i walked in to their reception hall and was hit with a rush of vintage charm. i felt an immediate transportation to a simpler time when love letters and fresh flowers were compulsory when courting.

and it all smelled like a perfectly vintage rose garden waiting for a timeless romance to live there forever.

cupcakes are moving into the timeless arena for sure:

i hadn’t met kristin and patrick until their wedding day. i had only spoken about details with kristen over the phone. i knew i was going to like her though, there was just something in her voice. it was, well, so vintage, so intriguingly calm and sweet. i felt like i was making up things to say to her so she would talk back to me. 😉 the sound of her matched perfectly the look of her. patrick is so lucky he gets to listen and look at her for the rest of his days.

i knew the second i met her that i was meeting someone incandescently special. there is something about her, it’s inexplainable, but she has a pull about her. it grabs you and smashes you right into her heart! and you want to stay there forever because she is so warm and good, so nice and loving. anyone who calls her daughter, sister, friend, mother, and now wife, is so lucky and blessed.

her choices were so feminine and soft, perfect for a summer wedding under the trees:

the day was filled with so much emotion! there was much laughter! it echoed thru the trees; i loved it!

there were also moments of happy tears! i loved how emotional kristin allowed herself to be. she is a girl after my own heart for sure! i cry when the mail comes with an old fashioned letter from home. she was in good company with me on her wedding day that’s for sure! i found myself getting choked up with her. she had waited for this day for what seemed like quite some time. i am so happy for her that it finally happened.

possibly one of my favorite seconds of the day:

such a great source of support and friendship:

so fun. they ditched the flowers and were ready to bring on the party. they all had a reason to celebrate!!!

when i consider vintage i think of things that endure, that are timeless.

kristin and patrick have endured; their love, it’s timeless.

a kiss for her:

a kiss for him:

i loved these final portraits, just so sweet and timeless:

and the light. beautiful light will always be classic:

kristin, patrick, and nicholas, your family was enchanting. thank you for welcoming into it on the day it became official! i loved feeling all of it, but mostly the love and respect you have for each other and your family! thank you, from my heart, for sharing it with me!!

may your generations look back at your wedding with awe and inspiration at a couple so in love with one another!!

much love to you all!! xox kj