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it’s time. time to go ghost hunting!!!

come. you will be so glad you did.

it’s honestly an experience you will never forget…katrina and i are beside ourselves at this year’s concept…

if you thought last year’s haunts were unsettling, just wait until you see what’s in store this year. it wigs me out thinking about it but in a really cool, i’m scared but i like it juxtaposition kind of way!!

side kick topic: composition

when: october 19th, 2011 300-700pm. we will meet for the instruction section and then we will be shooting by around 400ish-until the sun sets or we get too scared and have to leave!!! after we’ll be having dinner together for those of you who can join us; dinner is not included in your sidekick tuition. and if you choose to invest a bit more after dinner i will roll through a bit of ghost post processing. 🙂

what: we’ll discuss what makes an image visually interesting and how to achieve those concepts through effective use of foreground elements, different angles, patterns, colors, symmetry, lines, depth of field, perspective, negative space, etc. i’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to create distinctive and visually aesthetic images. i will also share how to make a seemingly boring or cliche location work in terms of composition choices. then put it all to practice when our ghosts arrive. 😉

where: back flipping over the location. it’s in corona, ca and i’m pretty sure it’s haunted. so excited to be shooting there again.

we’ll be shooting at the same location as last year; a carriage house built in 1893. the majority of its exterior and interior are the original structure (you will die, pun intended, over the interior.)

why: because in a really weird way, it’s fun to be spooked! AND it’s something totally unique to add to your portfolio!

investment: you have two options: come for the instruction and shoot and then dinner or come for the instruction, shoot, dinner, and a little post processing magic over dessert. these are awesome to shoot, but it’s what you do to them after that makes them so incredible!!

would love to have you!!! see you on the 19th!! email me if you have any questions

space is limited; get to booking!! see you soon, kj

get spooked sidekick with kamee june focusing on composition