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i rolled my sleeves up last night and finally dug into all my nashville pictures. i have so much to share. i loved those 4 days. i miss those places and friends and baked goods.

when i saw this one  i stopped. still. i usually roll through the editing process really quickly, but this image made me stop. still.

it has that transportive element i am always trying to find in my work. it’s not focused or clean, but i think it’s those imperfections that make it perfect, to me, at least.

even now i am transfixed, but something. 😉

september was GREAT month; i feel accomplished at its close. just a quick reminder that today is the last day to book the anniversary sale. i think there was a tiny bit of confusion: you only need the booking fee of $100 to book the special. pay that now and then the remainder the week we shoot. the $100 will book the sale for you! then you have a year to use it! today is your last chance! the savings are so incredible! take advantage!! email if you have any questions!!

also wanted to get my holiday sessions on your radar. i will be offering holiday sessions in old orange, california on november 19th from 9am-1pm. sessions will be 20 minutes each and you will get your favorite 2 images on disk, (perfect for your holiday needs) for $180.00 plus tax. (additional images or otherwise can be purchased according to my a la carte pricing. please email if you would like to reserve a spot for a mini session; i would love to meet you!

in the meantime i hope your last day of september feels accomplished! happy fall!! kj