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look what’s growing in my garden this summer?


 jaren and i decided to plant our first garden this spring/summer. it’s a “salsa garden” a “postage stamp” garden, nothing fancy, but it has taken off like gang-bangers. tonight we plucked our first tomato.

it is amazing how you dig a hole in the dirt, drop a seed in, throw on some cow poop, set the sprinklers to water, and then it magically grows stuff. it has actually been really cool to watch. i have especially liked being in the garden with gunnar and seeing his reaction to the growth.

these pictures are originals, from our garden. no kidding. we really can cultivate the earth. congrats us!

a big, huge shout-out to jen of j.fields photography for being one of my number one muses, a major photography yoda in my life, a friend, a shoulder, a believer, an artist, and the designer of this storyboard template. major kudos to her. thanks jen.

i am running out of things to give you in return for all your generosity.

how about some zucchini? apparently it produces baskets upon baskets.