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i checked my june calendar.

last day of school for gun. trip to utah. lunch with rachelle, liza, kelley, hopefully sherami, hopefully katy. doctor appointments for both littles. bri’s b-day, sadie’s b-day, and jc’s b-day. AND baby gianna’s 6 month shoot. has it already been 6 months? no way. we just shot her newborn pictures. i was so excited to see this gorgeous baby, her darling brother, her kind-hearted mother, and her dedicated father that I couldn’t stop smiling the closer it got to our shoot date.

in fact the day of the phone rang. caller id told me it was amanda, gianna’s mom, i think i might have skipped to the phone; i was so excited to talk to her. 

as parents i know we want our children to grow, be strong, and reach each milestone when it is expected. sometimes though, and i think it is safe to speak for the majority of us, we wish we could slow the clocks down, just a bit. (maybe some of us want the clocks to speed up a bit. i am sure we all have those days too.)  

it is magical to watch a child grow, for sure one of life’s gifts.



amanda is just as fanatical about gianna’s bows as i am larkin’s. they will wear them, we say, rather demand…no matter what. right amanda?

i love this image:


baby folds:


baby toes:


and beautiful baby:


she really is such a gorgeous little. wow! i loved this moment: mom talking to brother while balancing sister. all mothers have been there. at least 10 times a day. i also thought baby’s expression was so sweet:


quick change of pants and wardrobe:


and we we’re off. to the lemon grove.


most babies come with great expressions, but i thought hers were particularly sweet. don’t you just want to nibble those cheeks? she is delicious! my girlfriend joy would give her a flavor. what would it be joy? lemon drop souffle? she isn’t really tart at all. peaches and cream? what do you think joy?


i have to admit that i am crushing on gianna’s big brother. he too could be eaten. so sweet.


such a love. i just want to squeeze him when i see him! 


and such a good big brother.


a few of the family together. love this image and all the expressions:


then baby said, “enough! if you put me on the ground again i am going to let you really have it. don’t put me down there. i am warning you. don’t do it.”

then she let us have it. she gave us warning at least.


so we decided to let her rest a bit. another change, a little bit of a drive and then we landed on some pretty light.



and we stayed in that spot until the really, really pretty light found us.

the next two pictures are not technically perfect; they are not sharp in terms of focus, but the moment and the lighting was priceless:



nico played with mike, and soaked in the evening’s fading summer sun.


gianna cooed, laughed, and snuggled her mom.



one of my favorites. it reminds me of something i do with my kids: “i’ll give you eskimo kisses, butterflies kisses, and a whole lot of mommy kisses!” then i kiss all over them until they push me away. someday i will try to kiss them like that and it won’t be cool anymore, but for now while they are little, i am going to fill up on any type of kiss, eskimo, butterfly, or mommy, i can get.


amanda, mike, nico, and gianna, may you enjoy all the minutes, as they tick fast or slow, together. thank you for the opportunity to watch this baby grow with you; she is lovely; all of you are lovely!

xxoo, kj