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she was our poser bride. i can say that about mich. she’s laughing now, probably. she didn’t get married, nor did she get engaged, but whenever it happens it’s certain she will make an impressively gorgeous bride.

we dressed her up like a bride, (gave her three bridal looks actually) then we threw her in the fields next to a handsome stranger, that we happened upon. they hit it off perfectly, and wa-la: chemistry and poetic photography.

she’s really more of a poster bride than a poser bride. this girl belongs in couture wedding dresses on the cover of magazines, world wide. not kidding.

brides, take it from a fake bride (and a rad stylist, thank you so much jessica hale frederick), put COLOR on your feet!!!

it was like playing wedding dress-ups with the perfect bride barbie. we kept changing her and getting them married over and over again. (didn’t you used to do that with your barbies? get them all ready for the wedding, have the wedding and then do it again, and again and again? i did. i guess i still am, only with real people. ;))

and a series of black and whites that i love:

she was such a perfect bride to play dress up with!!! thank you mich and dylan for being so good and so fun!! our shoot was perfect because of you AND all the hair, make up and styling brought to us by jessica hale frederick. thank you, all three of you, for being a part of this shoot!

and to brooke bakken and kip thulin for kickin’ it with me!! i love our day so much and the friendship and common bond interest we have created because it! looking forward to seeing you both again soon and spending more time together!! thanks for spending the day with me; i hope it was filled with knowledge and inspiration! 😉 thanks again for the opportunity and for all of your kind words and encouragement!! keep moving forward with all of your goals and dreams; they are super close; i feel it!! until our next shoot date!!! xoxo kj