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my sister and i sat rocking on her front porch, talking about everything and nothing. we could see lightning striking, communicating a summer storm. from the corner of the house we could hear our kids laughing, laughing so hard they couldn’t breathe. something was really funny. i had one of those moments, the kind where you feel so incandescently happy you are surprised you can feel at all. the kind of moment you want to bottle-up and keep forever. i had an overwhelming sense of gratitude for their youth. i smiled, my heart did too. i whispered a silent “thank you” so the heavens that had opened in that second, and then went back to rocking and talking with my sis.

time for us to go home now…

we are going to be homesick for the cousins for sure, but in our memories will be the laughter that made our bellies ache, the adventures that kept our imaginations growing, and the love that filled our hearts with respect and joy in each others’ lives!!

so grateful for family. mom, dad, kori, jc, bri, beth, and sadie, thank you for the great visit!! can’t wait for next summer!! xoxo kam and fam