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there is a place i love very much. i went to high school there and later studied abroad there while in college. i will never change my citizenship, but london will always be my home town.

funny enough, to call it a home town and not visit it regularly. it took 15 years since studying abroad for me to return to the city where i discovered so much of myself. i was so happy to have had the chance to re-live and re-love all of it with erin and brett, and my good friend shannon, whom i stayed with while visiting.

after erin and brett’s shoot i went to see a show: singing in the rain. so appropriate for so many reasons: i was raised watching that show and LOVING it, it rained the majority of erin and brett’s shoot, and well, it rains most of the time in london!! during the intermission i felt so overwhelmed by so many things. this sounds a bit silly and odd, but i found myself getting emotional. i texted shannon. she texted back, “You’re just emotional right now. Jet-lag. Reunited with your city. Odd shooting in the London rain. Singing in the Rain. It’s okay, go with it.” it was ok! i was totally ok, better than ok. i was home and was crying because i felt so happy!!

go with it i did!!

i felt the reconnect with myself that i needed.

i don’t know if i will ever be able to properly thank erin and brett for the experience and opportunity they offered me. it was surreal doing something i love so much in a place that is so dear to me. thank you, erin. thank you, brett. from my heart, thank you!

i have been excited to share this shoot, but have also waited a bit because it made me so homesick to sort through everything (the olympics did too!!). thank you erin and brett for your patience!!!

i am so excited to be able to be a part of their wedding celebration in a year’s time! i feel blessed to have them in my life!! thank you again for this unforgettable experience!!

much love to you both and to a city we all love!!!

xxoo kj

enjoy a few more in the slideshow below.

again, much love to erin and brett for the indescribable experience, that even though i know happened because i have documented proof, still feels like my fondest dream!! xx