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i am getting ready to make some big changes to kamee june photography.

new look (you can see some of it here). new site. new stuff. everything is going to be new. new. new!!

i can’t wait!!

hang tight. that’s what i am doing. just waiting for the site to be built!!!

while we are waiting for all the new kj, i will do my best to keep you updated on what has been happening with me all summer.

i have so much to share!! i found these that i was going to use for a fine art post.

decided to share them now instead!!

happy weekend everyone! here’s to embracing change and loving something new!!

it’s not so much what we can see that makes us think something is interesting, beautiful, even artful. it’s what we can’t see that our minds fill in and makes us think on a higher level and enlightens us to something, somewhere.

the same is true with life: what we think might be a vain obscurity is really an equivocal allure.

the art is found in the space between, in the space our creativities fashion.