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it couldn’t be a more perfect time for family portraits especially now that everyone is bronzed from the summer sun and still in tip-top healthy shape!!

the pending fall is in the air as the halloween decorations bekkon to be brought out of their boxes, which means that we will, in no time, be in full holiday swing. is anyone else completely baffled by how quickly this year went? really. we have four months left of 2012; that is nuts!!!

i know, like many, i look forward and enjoy the holiday season so very much!!

one of my favorite parts of the christmas season is checking the  mail! i love catching up with everyone and feeling close to them even though miles separate. i think it should be compulsory to send out a card quarterly not just at christmas: a christmas card, an easter card, a summer vacation card, and heck, why not, a valentine’s card! wouldn’t that be great! 🙂 oh, and a photograph needs to be a requirement for all of the cards! 😉

i do love getting the mail at christmas time. i especially love it when clients send me their cards. i love to see what they did with the photographs we created together! sometimes i do a double take, once i realize it is a picture i took, i smile. big time. so happy to have been a part of their memory making that year!

it’s time, again, for holiday portraits! time to make some memories and immortalize what your family looks like in 2011. it’s so important to document this, every year!! i know it can be a daunting task! i am facing it right now myself; my family pictures are scheduled for next week and i am in the throws of what to wear…i get it; i totally understand! that’s part of the reason why i try to make it so mellow for you! having your pictures taken really can be a great experience!! it really can be just about time with your family!

last year’s mini sessions were such a success i decided to bring them back again! i wanted to make the family photograph available for as many who wanted to have a noteworthy picture taken of their family without going through a full session or a full session price (even though there are great benefits to doing that!! ;))!

here’s the scoop:

find some clothes that coordinate. throw them on your people. meet me for 20 minutes in old orange at your scheduled time on october 20th. we’ll spend some time making memories and capturing something perfect for the christmas card and the walls of your home! i’ll give you your favorite two images (perfect for holiday greetings) on disk, AND to make things even easier for you, if you choose (and pay a bit extra) i’ll make all your holiday cards for you!! slick as a whistle! 😉 can you imagine not even having to worry about that? (i’ll leave the addressing and stamping to you, but the rest will be taken care of on this end; piece of cake! ;))

here’s the details:

when: october 20th, 2012

900am-100pm (sessions will be in increments of 20 minutes. just show up at your time at the designated place. ;))

where: old orange, ca

investment: $190.00 (that includes 20 minutes of shoot time and two fully edited, full resolution digital images (you also will have the option to purchase additional print/ digital images at regular price from my a la carte menu).

OR you can choose to include your christmas cards in the mini-session for $345.00 (that includes 20 minutes of shoot time, two fully edited, full resolution digital files AND 75 holiday cards (the card will be a 5×7 full color, double-sided, card printed on premium photographic card stock with the photo on one side and your personalized message on the other. your envelopes will be included as well.) consider the time it will save you! 20 minutes and then you are done!! 😉 you have the option to purchase additional holiday cards. all cards must be purchased in increments of 25; cards pricing is $1.95/card.

for more information and to book your holiday mini session fire me off an email at i can’t wait to meet you all and be a part of your holidays!!

this was a highlight holiday session from last year. LOVED this family! can’t wait to meet and love YOURS!!

looking forward to this year’s memory making!!

email me: and let’s set something up!