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I don’t remember exactly how it started…

Everyone in our family has brown hair, and lots of it. When Gun and J need haircuts their hair gets so full that it looks like their heads are twice the original size. Seriously.

One night, last summer, while I was still great with child and in the deep of a semester of school, Jaren and I were both tucking Gunnar into bed. I had to get some studying done so after prayers I got out of bed and left books to J. I gave Gun a smooch on his cute lips and then I said while kissing the top of his noggin,  “I love this brown head.”  Then I looked to Jaren, kissed him also and said,  “I love this brown head too.”

This brown head,


 this brown head,

brownhead2and this brown head too (photo credit to Bri-Head, that is what we call her. Really.),


are really missing Dad’s big, I mean, brown head.

Missing you so much J…xoxo K, G, and L

And a sneak peek of two yellow heads and two yellowish-brown heads:

A family I love almost as much as my own. 🙂 More to come of these lovelies, soon.