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I have shared this before:

The move to our new neighborhood was hard for me. I had become quite comfortable in our former area, and I just knew things were going to be a bit rocky. Not to mention, I am really terrible when it comes to any sort of change. What made the transition easier for me was the fact that our neighbors showed so much love, acceptance, and interest in our family.  I am grateful for good neighbors who have become my good friends.

April and Al, are two of those neighbors that I am so glad we made the move to meet. They are sincerely good people, who really care about others.




I have wanted to get my lens on April since we first met. Her personality sparkles with enthusiasm for life and the people who surround her. She took an interst in me immediatly and I in her. I smile just thinking about her. AND she has the most enchanting Minnosotan accent. I could listen to her talk all day. AND she is beautiful, beyond description.



And sassy:


and interesting; I could talk to her all day and enjoy every word she spoke:


and so fun-loving:


She is so sweet with Al too, and he with her. They have a great love for one another. It was obvious they were best friends first before anything serious happened between the two of them. They were meant to be together. For sure.


Al, is an excellent conversationalist. I love how energetic he is about his work and how positive he (and April) are about mine. Their support is so encouraging. And real. When I talk, these two really listen. That is a trait that is hard to find in people. Both April and Al possess it.

Al is a lovely person; I like him very much:



April does too. She was all smiles and laughs with him; I think that is so neat.


Loved these:


Together, they are enchanting:





April and Al, May you continue to sparkle in this world like you shine in mine. Thank you so much for the opportunity to photograph such beautiful faces and bright and positive spirits. xoxo, kj