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I love high school graduations. I can go to any graduation, be in a stadium filled with seniors and family members that I don’t know from Adam and find myself totally overcome to the point of tears. It’s a little weird. I just feel so proud of those individuals for working so hard to earn their diplomas. It’s probably also because I love high school so much, and have an affinity for the students found in its doors.

Tomorrow, Brittany will walk the walk and close out a significant chapter of her life. And if I were in that stadium I would be crying for her and the whole graduating class; that’s just the way I am.


She is ready, and like most, beyond excited to say goodbye to her first alma mater.



Her beauty: obvious.



Her determination and drive: deep.


Her outlook on life: refreshing.


 Her future and its sucesses: sunny.


Brittany, May you remember the moments, the feelings, and the faces of your graduation day. May you have more than one graduation. May you remember that although your leaving it, high school is a microcosm of life. Even though you may travel to find self, may you always find your way home. May you learn from yesterday, life for today, and reach for tomorrow (that sounded awfully graduationish…;)). Thank you for spending some time with me and sharing your excitement; I am so happy for you! Kamee