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by this time the summer is usually well under way. it’s normally pretty toasty by about now; days are filled with water adventure and at night the fans run full force. the weather has been so precarious i needed to borrow a blanket to keep warm on the 4th. i am not complaining, just sayin’ that this summer and her weather have been a bit, well, strange. it’s still way too comfortable. i know it’s coming and it will be hot until november; i’m just waiting for it to hit!!

things did certainly heat up when janelle and chris were in town.


chris is headed to a consistently warm afghanistan soon. janelle’s one request before he left were a few pictures of them, together, to remind them of the summer before he went away, just for a bit.

our shoot fell perfectly on july 4th weekend. the circumstances and the holiday were befitting.





love this one; it just felt so american eagle-esque…


i am so inspired by the men and women who leave everything they know and love behind to fulfill a call they are compelled to answer. my heart aches for them when i consider what is put on “hold” at home. and my heart swells with some crazy pride when i think of all they sacrifice of themselves to serve and protect our liberties and country. that gets me all kinds of emotional thinking about it. i am grateful for you chris; thank you for being so brave and true to the compulsion you felt inside. you are a hero to so many, and i know you will be held close in many hearts while you are away.

especially janelle’s.





janelle is brave too. she has a routine and follows it, and i know that helps her when the days feel long and the nights a bit lonely, but she was incredibly strong and supportive when we discussed the next few months. i could tell she was proud of him too, and had every confidence in him, his abilities, his convictions and mostly in their relationship. their connection is what keeps them both breathing, in an out, while time and distance separate.






speaking of connection…i’m going to turn the heat up…high. right now. if you weren’t feeling the summer heat before either, get ready…here it comes… and if you want to keep yourself rather cool then head to a blog that explains how to make summer crafts with pipe cleaners, felt, and paste, because it’s getting steamy in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

by the way, i LOVE these images. they were some of my favorites from the shoot.






these two are lucky to have each other, near or far. we were also lucky to stumble on this beauty…and the amazingly kind owners…i am sure they could have steamed up old rosie’s windows, but they kept it mellow with so many passersby. 😉



janelle and chris, may the time fly. chris, may you be safe and protected, and may your conviction carry you quickly through the next months. janelle, may you find yourself busy with all of your hobbies and school. (let’s get that shoot planned; i am in, for sure!!) and may your heart know he will come home quickly.

may you both see and feel that what you have is undeniably real and good.


thank you again so much chris for what you are sacrificing, and janelle, thank you for sharing him with our country; we are grateful!! thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this season in your life. it will pass quickly; i am sure of it!! until then you are both in my thoughts and prayers. much love, kj