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there are a lot of things that bring me comfort in this life: knowing my children are healthy, protected, and happy, feeling understood and at peace in my own skin, knowing jaren loves me no matter what and feeling safe in our relationship, a long trip home, a good night’s rest, friends who just get it and say what i can’t always communicate, mashed potatoes and gravy, a whole myriad of foods actually, the list goes on and on…there is something to be said about feeling “at home” and comfortable with who you are and the people you choose to be with. it’s so refreshing to just be yourself, to feel no chains of expectation or worries of acceptance. it’s like walking through the doors of home to the smell of freshly baked bread; a chilled glass of milk awaits along side smooth butter, homemade freezer jam, a naked piece of warm bread and a smile from your mom, the person who loves you the most in this world.

you must feel this same love, acceptance, warmth, and goodness on your wedding day. it’s compulsory.

you’ll remember helen and glenn from their incredible “artful” engagement session. since our very first starbuck’s meeting, i have had a profound affinity for this couple. i love them. very much.

i have to share something that came in an email from helen, my friend, and most recent bride. it warmed my heart, and will for sure provide you with insight into hers, “Our entire wedding was a giant DIY project and our friends and family,including you, helped make it all come together. I think it was just that much more special because I knew their hands played a part in everything that was put out there.  Glenn and I both had the bestest time! We realized how extremely lucky we are to have such loving and generous people around us.” helen and glenn understand what it means to know love and to give it in return. witnessing their wedding was something special. i knew i was going to be emotional because i had fallen in love with both of them through our previous meetings, but the emotion of their wedding day, the outpouring of sincere and humble love was tangible and humbling. i was so grateful to have been a witness to it. helen and glenn, we are extremely lucky to have you in our lives too!!

they have found their own slice of homemade bread and jam. these two will always, always, find comfort, peace, joy, and above all acceptance and love in the other.

may you fall in love with their spirits as i have:





helen and glenn were married at calamigos ranch in malibu. the day was fitting of a perfect pairing: mellow breeze, soft sun, absolutely gorgeous.

a few details and preparations before their first look:

helen’s bouquet, the boutonnieres, and the floral topiaries were made by larchmont florist; all the other florals were made by helen’s friends michelle, jen, and tom.






helen chose a birdcage for their first look and then a traditional veil for their ceremony; i thought that was neat and made it a “different” moment just by changing one part of the ensemble.


she told me in a conversation that she wanted a “shabby/chic” feel to the wedding. helen, it was all chic, my friend. especially you!!



incredible right? helen’s hair and make-up were done by the super talented missy lowe.

i have shared before that i love happy and smiley. glenn is happy and smiley personified:



he kept practicing a speech he had to give, in korean. he wanted it perfect, just so the feeling would translate. he is such a good person. they both are.


you in love yet?


i think i cried more at their first look than they did. 😉







some details shot pre-celebration. like helen said, everything here is a culmination of friends and family. what a gift. what a tribute to a couple on their wedding day.



(the cake was made by crumb fairy)


another witness to the love helen and glenn have for their friends and family, they made homemade jam as the wedding favor. a gift from the heart, made with love: a perfect choice.





their ceremony, again, got me all welled up inside. to see two special families combine was epic.

i thought this moment was so symbolic. one last look at what was behind her, before stepping into what is in front of her. one last look at the man who comforted her for her entire life, before embracing the man who would take that responsibility.








they were supported by their families and their very best friends.



i have received several emails about this frame. i am not responsible for bringing it; i wish i had been that smart. helen found it at ikea and had it on hand for us.

she’s a genius:


a few final portraits as the sun set on their way- chic- nothing- shabby- about- it day:








my second shooter and good friend alissa shot this one; i loved it!


i got an email a few days before the wedding from helen asking me what alissa and i wanted to eat at the wedding. another tribute to her thoughtfulness. it was her day, but she was thinking of everyone else. everything, down to our dinner, was a complete dream. thank you so much!! 🙂




helen and glenn, thank you so much, for everything. may you know that you are both like the comforts of homemade jam! 😉 may you always remember the way you felt and the love you experienced on your perfect wedding day. so happy to have you as a part of the fabric of my life! happy life to both of you. much love, kj


and a big, huge, shout out to my friend and second shooter alissa, who came all the way from wyoming to shoot this wedding with me! she shot this one…since i am speechless at my apparent beauty, i will leave it to the rest of you to fill in my void of words with commentary on what you are about to behold…


as demonstrated from above 🙂 she has a non-paralled talent for capturing what happens each moment and painting it so beautifully later on. if you live any where near buffalo wyoming you should find this girl and book a session with her immediately. she is incredible, both in spirit and talent. i am so lucky she is my friend and was there to help at helen and glenn’s wedding. thank you alissa, for all you did. i am so inspired by you!!


check out alissa’s blog for more coverage from helen and glenn’s wedding from her gorgeous perspective; i am sure her post will be up soon!! everything she captured that i was able to sneak peek took my breath away. thank you again; can’t wait for our next wedding together!!

much love again to helen and glenn; can’t wait for a reunion visit!!! xoxo kamee