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meet the brewers. not sure if this could have been more perfect had i gone and painted it on the wall myself.


alright. fine. it would have been perfect had their last name actually been brewer. these aren’t the brewers, but wouldn’t that have been cool if they were? seriously. so cool!!! if there is a brewer family out there, i would like to take your pictures, here. cool, huh?

not the brewers, but still stinkin’ awesome and so cool!!


you’ll recognize this team. they aren’t strangers to the blog. i adore this group of people! so much.



had to do it d! i love everything about your emma-girl. she is spirit, and energy, charisma, and attitude all rolled into one ball of fire!




the boy, logan, without the hat. πŸ˜‰


and the super wonderful, can’t wait until she can babysit, big sis, with incredible eyes allie-cat.


love this picture. every lady needs a picture with her man like this:


dina’s just as hysterical brother, todd, his ever friendly and kind wife, jen, and their super hero son, jt.


super hero, ooozzzes from him. πŸ˜‰ he was so smiley, happy and playful; i love seeing that in kids. it’s just cool.



he should be happy and playful, he came from these two afterall:


these next two make my heart happy:


nicole. i could have photographed her all day. i wanted to get her in a wedding dress and toss her out into some field with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, her hair hanging in romatic curls, a handsome man for her to prop against. can you see it? a look as ethereal as the summer’s setting sun. i wasn’t kidding nicole; you are beautiful.




nicole is on her own but still supported by several strengths:


her mom and step dad are full of vigor and life! she is lucky to have them and vice versa:


anna is a lady after my own heart; she loves all things sparkly and colorful!! i loved this image of her:


and i thought this was just so sweet:


i have been considering my family a lot lately since i have been photographing so many this summer (ps get your family session booked for christmas pictures asap! do it while everyone is tan and healthy!! ;)). family has so many dynamics. so many twists and turns, intricacies and webs of character, charm, and difference. i am fascinated by what makes up a family and how there are so many levels of that word. as unique as we all are, our families, at the end of the day are our people. and that’s something to smile about. so grateful for my people, and the families who allow me the opportunity to photograph theirs.

so much love to “the brewers”. πŸ˜‰ i wish. seriously, brewer family, contact me, please!!!

dina and fam, i had such a great time!!! thank you for hanging with me for a bit; it’s always a pleasure. a shout out to my friend tracy too for being there to support and shoot. her sight will launch soon! so excited for that!!! πŸ˜‰ Β thank you again!!

stay sassy, everybody. until next time, happy summer, kj