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a week ago yesterday, i spent the entire day with my friend. julie is so talented at what she does. if left the day feeling uplifted and inspired, and two seconds after i shut my car door to go home i was already missing my friend and planning our next “hang-out” in my head!! julie, i am so glad we met!!! thank you for the friendship, encouragement, love, and support you offer me; i am grateful for you!!! there is something so magical about you and everything you do!

julie had a newborn shoot scheduled for the am in san pedro. i had a couples shoot scheduled for the pm. so i assisted her and she assisted me. i learned so much from julie and was so happy to be there to help and just be with someone who is so mellow and calm, that it made me feel way mellow and totally calm. i also loved seeing how she created so much of what she does. it was really cool to be a part of a shoot with her. if you are pregnant, or have a brand new baby, or even a not so brand new baby, RUN to julie’s studio and book a session with her today; it will be one of the best things you ever did!! 🙂

a week ago yesterday, i helped photograph baby liam:



this was my favorite:



a week ago yesterday, i photographed katie and dave in san pedro:



a week ago today i shot nutritionist and person extraordinaire jamie in old orange:



then is shot dave and katie in old orange:



a week ago tonight, i photographed this enchanting tie connected to an adorable neck and head of a darling boy:





and then a week ago this evening i finished off a weekend of shooting with more katie and dave in balboa:



i promise that “more” from these shoots won’t come a week from today! 😉

much love and happy saturday, kj