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The ironies of my life are deep and profound.

My parents taught me to be grateful, thankful for everything I have. I am obsessive about thank you cards; sometimes I even feel I need to send one when someone says something nice to me: “Your hair looks great Kam.” I will send a card to the person who said the compliment, my stylist for doing such a fab job, my parents for blessing me with good hair genes, and the weather man for sharing that the day would have very little humidity. I am that anal retentive in terms of thank yous.

When I forget one; I feel sick, so sad that I could have been ungrateful for even one second. (p.s. if any of you are saying, “Hey, where’s my thank you from Kamee?” It is sitting on my desk at home waiting to be addressed. I lost my blackberry and all my addresses in it. I will be sending out an email blast to ask for contact information soon…) I am feeling especially upset with myself because I forgot to thank one of the most important people in my life for something really special that she did for me.

Please scroll down to the making merry:present’s present post. At the very bottom I added a thank you that should have been there in the original post.

My heart hurts even though she totally forgave me…the woman who taught me to always thank was not thanked. Please, Please, Please scroll down, read the thank you and leave my mom some love on her amazing talents and crafty fingers.

I love you so much, Mom. I am so sorry that you didn’t get the public shout out you deserve. I will be sending you a thank you card every day for the next month to make up for it.

I love you!! Kam

And because posts, even apology posts, are always better with pictures here is one of my favorite freckles and cowlic. We made it to Utah, safe and sound…