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something pretty

for a late thursday afternoon! i found these while sifting through old hard drives looking for a few images to use in a sample album. was struck by them. had to share. i shot them a really, really, long time ago at a jessica claire workshop i helped with. just...

revisit a place; feel a feeling

i shot this a long time ago at a jessica claire workshop i was helping at. i stumbled across it again tonight. it took me to a very placid place. may it do the same to you! here’s to love and all things the evoke it! happy friday!

your christmas list

did you add this workshop to it? get it on the list. put it at the top. if you ask for anything this year; if you attend anything, at all, this year, it has to be this. the love+marriage=baby carriage workshop is just a few months away. julie and i are getting all of...