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She’s a little walking fairytale. Filled with sprites, sparkly dragons, whimsy, and her very own, couture, love potions. And she has all of us, everyone in her kingdom, all her loyal subjects, completely, and utterly under her spell.

I want to freeze her pretty life, her brother’s too, make it stand still, just so I can drink them in a bit more!! I hope they know how much I love them; I hope they feel it, see it, and believe it, every single day. I hope they know they are my greatest accomplishments! I also hope I do justice to their youth by documenting it as often as I can. I know as parents we all feel a certain weight of responsibility in terms of our children: love them, educate them, teach them, prepare them. I also think we feel a responsibility to document them. Both of my kids have enjoyed looking at their baby books lately. It has been fun to reminisce with them, telling stories about the funny little things they “used to do”, and “used to say”. It reminded me of the importance to keep track of their fleeting memories.  The more women I talk to the more I discover that they too, want to take really great images of their children to immortalize this time in their lives, all of our lives. It’s time to start documenting everything whimsical and sweet (and even the not so sweet, but will- be- hysterically- funny- later- on) moments of your children’s and your life!

Mamarazzi: A Photography Workshop Designed Especially For Moms is intended for mothers (and fathers) who want to better understand their cameras as a goal to better document their own kids.

The Mamarazzi workshop will actually run over the course of 3 months (we will be meeting once a month for three months). At each meeting we will discuss a different aspect of photography, namely, how to work all the buttons on your camera and what they mean, how to understand light and it’s fundamental requirement to photography, and how to compose your shots to aid you with better story telling capabilities. Each class will be about two hours and will be packed with information, a few goodies to take with you to inspire you to get to shooting, some great edibles, and a good time away from small people to rejuvenate for a bit. 😉

Side Note: If you have taken the class before, you are absolutely welcome to come again! The content will be similar, but I am changing things up a bit!! There will be some newness for sure!! 😉

Who is this workshop for: moms (and dads) who want to take better pictures of their children

When will the workshop be held: (remember it is three evenings)

February 22nd 7-9pm

March 22nd 7-9pm

and April 19th 7-9pm

Why three evenings? I want to spread the information out a bit to give us all time to practice and create. We will be focusing on certain aspects each month, creating a discussion board and a place to post our images for safe feedback. (I also want us to have a ladies night, each month. That’s how I see it playing out in my head at least. We learn cool photography stuff and then hang out and relax a bit.)

Where the workshop be held: My place, in Corona, CA.

What to bring: Your camera (Doesn’t matter what you have, but it would be best if you had a dslr which basically means a camera where you can change out the lenses. If you don’t have one, it’s totally cool; this class is still geared for you!! If you are in the market for buying a new camera let me know and I will make some suggestions.)

What will all of this cost? $265.00 for the three evenings of workshopping! (Your tuition includes a whole bunch of great knowledge on how to shoot better pictures of your own children, incredible after dinner edibles, and a few surprises to help inspire you to get to shooting.)

I want to keep the class smallish, so if you are interested jump on it. 😉 I would love to meet you and have you in my home to be able to discuss the most important role we have, and how to document it more passionately.

Join us! It’s going to be great!! Come and take advantage of this great offer to better learn how to document your child’s life.

A few mom’s from the first Mamarazzi class shared this:

To say Kamee is a good photographer would be true, but she’s more like incredible. To say Kamee is a good instructor would be true, but she’s more like inspirational. In one night, my eyes were opened to the power of a great image. Over the course of the workshop I began to feel like a true photographer for my little girl and family. Kamee taught us to compose beautiful shots using variable light for differing effects. She showed us how to operate our cameras and get more from them than automatic settings could produce. Kamee can teach anything and you will have fun; photography is her passion and you will likely take some of it with you. You will receive incredible support and encouragement from the other mommies too. If you are considering this workshop…sign up for sure!! –Anne

Mamarazzi turned my interest in photography into a passion. I learned how to capture the priceless personailities and precious memories of my little ones as they truly are in the moment which is something that my family and I will forever treasure. As an aspiring photography hobbiest, the class provided a foundation for future endeavors, as a mom, I was given the opportunity to learn how to beautifully document the lives of my children in a way that conveys how I see and treasure them everyday. Thank you kamee for that priceless gift! –Sandra

Went into this class wanting to learn what the buttons on my camera were. iIdid learn that and so, so, so much more! Not only did I learn to take beautiful natural pictures of my daughter but I unwrapped a new creative hobby! All the ladies in the class were so encouraging, inspiring, and sweet!!! And kamee, well I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher! I left so inspired and the passion is still burning strong! People ask me questions about their camera all the time now! It is not something I could just “quickly explain”. That’s why i HIGHLY recommend this class! –Monica

Please Email me with any questions you might have!! Looking forward to having you as a part of Mamarazzi III!