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did you add this workshop to it?

get it on the list. put it at the top. if you ask for anything this year; if you attend anything, at all, this year, it has to be this.

the love+marriage=baby carriage workshop is just a few months away. julie and i are getting all of the details together and are so excited for what is to unfold in march! we would LOVE for you to be a part of it!!

check out all of the details on the workshop here.

you will leave the workshop filled with so much. so much inspiration and knowledge. your two days will include tips and tricks on how to help you be a better shooter at all things love (engagment), marriage (wedding), and baby carriage (new borns, kids, and families). this workshop will make you, hands down, a more holistic shooter and more savvy entrepreneur and business owner. get ready to take yourself, your technique, and your business to an entirely new level.

it needs to be on your list. and julie and i have everything crossed that the santa’s in your life deliver it under your tree!

a few hugs and kisses for luck, may you get your wish!

a few baby snuggles and family loves will add some extra luck:

and a giddy laugh at the possiblity that you could be attending a really incredible workshop, a really incredible place to build community and skill:

and some random prettiness to remind you that everything you shoot at the workshop, everything, will be yours, for your portfolio building. and there will be about 4 shoots. that’s a whole lot of pretty:

here’s hoping you get all of the wishes on your list and that you are able to attend the workshop in march!! please contact me or julie if you have any questions!! until then, happy list making and holidays!! xoxo kj