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i LOVED this wedding day! i loved being with emma and dave! i loved how relaxed they were how joyful everything was and how happy they were to be married, to each other!! i loved spending the day with ashley. i loved that we were treated like family and not help. i loved the conversations we shared with other guests that were enlightening. i loved that the day was filled with love and celebration and a transcendent amount of beauty!!



i love it when a couples courtship and romance is evident at their party afterwards. all the little details are always such a reflection of them. this wedding and all its qualities was spot on for emma and dave. i loved seeing little pieces of them in every part of their day!!

the cake? so emma!! the feminine flowers and the pearl details? genius and totally her!

i did love all the softness and delicacies of everything!! another reflection of the way dave revers emma. he knows she is special and he treats her as such!

EVERYTHING about this little shoot in gorgeous light makes me feel so in love with the two of them:

not in focus, i know, but still perfect, to me:

these next two i want to set as the wallpaper on my phone and computer, i love them both that much!!!

a little bit more celebrating:

maybe one of my favorite dance shots, ever:

a big sparkly send off capped the perfect day and sent the newlyweds on their way:

these two were so fun, so mellow, and so in love i felt sad to see the day end, but happy to celebrate in their “happy”!

emma and dave, i love you both very much! congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your day with me!! i am enjoying following emma’s blog on on all their newlywed adventures. keep them coming emma; your blog is so refreshingly fun!! i feel like i am getting an emma hug every time i read it!! 😉 (add emma’s blog to your favorites page! you will LOVE it!!)

congrats again!!! the day was so gorgeous! just like the two of you!!