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my friend jen gave me and article several years ago about how it wasn’t the equipment that made the photographer noteworthy, but rather the photographer’s understanding of the equipment and making it all work in correlation with light and exposure. the photographer also needs to know how to properly use what’s in his bag to get the desired look he is hoping to achieve. different lenses combined with different settings create different results.

i am asked frequently what’s in my bag. i shoot with a canon 5d (i have the mark ii but prefer the 5d; i just like the color better). my principle lens is my 50mm 1.2. when that baby isn’t attached my 35mm 1.4 is. i recently bought the 85mm 1.2, and am in love with it’s photographic prowess. i have a 24-70 2.8 and a 70-200 2.8 but rarely use them, just when i am at weddings for certain things. i also have a lensbaby, which is fun to have in my pocket for artsy things. i shoot with 2 580ex flashes too. that’s the bag. (still working on a post with which lenses i use for what and when; hang tight; it’s still coming.)

there is more to photography, however, than what fills the bag. there is the whole process of post: what you do after you do what you do with all of the fancy stuff in the bag. so what’s not in my bag that helps with my final product? there’s not too much to it, but it does require more time than a side kick and less time than a full blown workshop. so this month i will be hosting a mini workshop on how to work the tools used for post process, the very important tools that aren’t found in the bag. đŸ™‚

so we all have something great to work with we are going to start with an incredible fully-stylized shoot, where everyone will get a turn shooting without anyone in their way; i promise!! remember: everything you photograph you will be able to use for your portfolio building. after, we’ll download, and while we are downloading we’ll have a bite to eat. then i’ll walk you through everything, EVERYTHING, i do post process. i won’t leave anything out, and if you have a question it will be answered!!! we’ll go through it all step by step; i’ll show you all of my post processing process from download to saving and posting on the web. i’ll explain the functions i use and am comfortable with and how i take my images from here:

or from here

to here:

i’ll show you my standard post processing, tips for skin tones, and how to bump color without over bumping.

join us!! i would love to meet you, shoot with you, and spend an evening talking shop!!

i’ll show you whatever you would like to see and answer all your photoshop questions (if i don’t know the answer then we’ll find it together!!)

the full details

the date: thursday, june 9th, 2011

the time: 4-9pm

the place: corona, ca

the tuition: $295.00

the inclusion: fully stylized shoot, dinner, a packet of kamee june photoshop flashcards with all my favorite recipes, tips and tricks, and as much photoshop knowledge that you can glean in one afternoon/evening!!

photoshop can be such an effective tool when used properly!! it can take our images from b to a; it gives them a special “wow” factor. it adds that special something we all want our art to have!

i hope you’ll join us!! contact me with any  questions you might have at i look forward to seeing you next month and helping you add the extra “sweet” with the creative suite!! đŸ˜‰ until then, happy shooting!