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remember when the world around you was so fascinating?


remember how it made your little busy-body magically pause to observe it?


remember when everything made you so curious?


remember when touch was your keenest sense?


remember when the simplest things made you so happy?



no more snoozing; time to wake up…and capture some memories to help you remember.


just wanted to remind you that tomorrow is the last day the launch promotion will be offered.

if you book a session with me in the month of june (you only have to book the session in june) you will receive one digitally enhanced file on a disk and 2 5×7’s for free. (that’s a savings of $85.00.)

 now’s your chance; jump on it.


let’s do christmas pictures in july while everyone is tan, rested, enthused, and not caught up in the stress of the season. let’s capture the smiles, laughter, and secrets of summer!

let’s remember, together.

there are two days left to schedule a session under the special promotion. fire me off an email for more details or to set a date. (click on the contact button at the top of the site. ;))