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A soldier stops to make a wish

Upon a shooting star

He thinks of all the things he’ll miss

Now that he’s so far.

The sweet smell of her hair

And the way she used to smile

He hopes his love will reach

Across the many miles.

He’ll miss the way he held her close

With her head against his heart

Wishing he was with her

And they weren’t so far apart.

He’ll miss her gentle voice

Seeing his future in her eyes

He knows a love this strong

Will surely never die.

He’ll miss the sound of laughter

And how he’d watch her sleep

He knows the love he feels for her

Has never run so deep.

He’ll miss her tender kiss

And the way she held his hand

He hopes when he returns

He’ll wear her wedding band.

john, thank you for the many sacrifices you have made and are making for our country; we are grateful. erin, thank you for sharing him with the rest of us; we know your sacrifice is great as well!!

thank you for sharing your love with me! thinking about both of you now while you are apart!! much love to you both, kj

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