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when i was little i used to love sneaking in to my sister’s room. she locked it, in attempts to keep me out, but i was too smart for that! i would push a chair to her door, climb atop, and somehow with bobby pins or safety pins or something would undo the lock. kori’s room was like a disneyland of trinkets, dolls, and most importantly flavored lipgloss. once in the classified room i would hone my sights on her stash of gloss. i’d pop the tops on those babies and glide them across my small lips. then i’d eat them. not big waxy bites, little ones, but still i thought those glosses were candy.

interesting how history does repeat itself.

my little girl sneaks into my room, opens the drawer where i keep my stash then settles down to apply, reapply, and, it’s true, eat my lipgloss!!

she’s away at grandma’s house right now. the quiet has been nice, but i am starting to miss her sneaking, and rummaging, then settling, and her being so cute-ing! 😉

after her gloss is significantly applied (meaning it drips of in big splashes); she likes to read to me a bit. it’s adorable listening to her “read”.

the drawers are stocked with gloss larkee-lou! i can’t wait for you to come home!!

i love you so much my lipgloss love bug!!! see you soon!!! xoxo mom

ps just a quick little tangent story: our kids have been with their cousins at our house and now at theirs since early june. our kids have gotten so used to the cousins calling us kam and uncle jaren that they have started doing the same. it’s pretty hysterical to hear lark call her dad, “uncwle jarwen.” good stuff.

have a great day everyone!!!! may you buy a new gloss and share it!!