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i recently read an article in my professional photographer magazine about the importance for photographers to first, have a brand and be consistent with it, and second have a style that is defined, so when clients ask, “what’s your style?” the photographer can quickly share his/her philosophy. i think the majority of photographers i know, and the ones i admire from afar, share their style, not necessarily through words, although they could, but through the images they project to the world, through their blogs, facebook, tweets, published articles, and any other form of multi-media communication. i am sure that when it comes down to it, clients book because of what they see and how they feel when they see whatever it is they are seeing. ūüėČ

without my camera, i am an observer of life. i notice things and am intrigued by them; they create a personal response in me on some level. i make note of them and then recall those feelings later when i am writing or trying to create something special.¬†with my camera my goal is much the same: to create an emotional response of some kind for my client and my observers: a smile, a laugh, a remembrance, a feeling of gratititude,¬†a nod of approval, a sense of renewed love, a head shake of amazement, a jaw drop,¬†sometimes, perhaps, a tear of joy.¬†¬†i capture all my observations while i am shooting naturally: natural light, natural posing, natural smiles, natural-you. i basically, in essence want to photograph the current “look” of my subject. i want that look to reflect where they are, at this moment in their life so when they look back on these images they will remember, right now. i want the feelings to ripple, to continue, and to be felt like when they first saw them and when they look back on them in three,¬†five , even ten years.

like i said, most clients are going to book because they like what they see and how it makes them feel. anytime i book a session, i feel humbled knowing that my pictures have touched someone so much that they want to have something similar of themselves or their families in their homes. i also feel encouraged and excited when other photographers book me. it is a bit intimidating, but also validating because that photographer appreciates my style, and that feels good.

kristy, wife, mother to three (it used to be three under three, but the eldest just turned three. so now it’s ages three and under. ;)), homemaker, fashionnista extraordinaire, good friend, kind person with an energetic heart and spirit, gifted photographer, small business owner, and over all amazing human-being made my day when she got in touch with me for photographs.

can you see why?


i knew it was going to be incredible shooting her. 


and her amazing sense of style, her grace, and her RAD sassy attitude!



i also knew she was going to be accompanied by her man, who happens to be quite a looker himself.


couple those looks with a british accent. that’s lucky. kristy gets to look and listen to that every day. he is also a very nice man who loves his wife and family more than anything; that in itself makes him very cool!! ¬†

i think i am going to send jaren to british accent school, tomorrow.


i knew from our first correspondence they were going to be just what i wanted to photograph. and i also knew their feelings for each other would translate well with the observations i wanted to make of them.


they are so in love. it’s palpable.



they are playful and sweet, sincere and real.



i also knew they would have their littles in tow. and i know from following kristy’s blog and from meeting these babies in person that they are as enchantingly beautiful as their parents.¬†

rowan: curious big brother




sarah: adorable middle child





shelby: baby divine



mark and i were discussing how busy their life is right now. of course it is, three babies all heading in a different direction. sitting still, in the same place for longer that a few seconds? tricky.

i really like this image. it made me think of how shelby probably thinks of things sometimes when she is observing the world around her.


mark said something though that i appreciate and feel¬†relates¬†with the message of this post, “that’s the way it is right now.” i smiled and agreed, because he and kristy “get it.” the “perfect” picture with everyone looking and smiling at the camera can be achieved, every single time, but in the case of this family it wouldn’t be a reflection of their current “look”. which doesn’t mean that were they are right now isn’t wonderful and sweet and a really good place to be in. it just means that right now they are perfectly imperfect. and i love it!

i love this image. i love how it translates love, family, and personality. i also love how that’s where rowan chose to sit and we didn’t push it, how he wanted to be a part of things but at his own distance. i love how the girls are snuggled, and how by this time they had given up on their boots and kristy and mark were content with bare-footed babes. and i love that they didn’t worry about wardrobe or getting rowan right up against them snuggled and smiling, but that they embraced the moment. i also love what this will speak volumes to their children years from now: you came from a tender home of love, from two parents who loved each other more than anything else in the world, and who loved you and your distinct personalities just as much.


and the expressions here are so priceless. 


their current look is one of busy-ness; that comes with the territory, but it is also one of joy, laughter, happiness, and really cool clothes. ūüėČ




right now, they are a little family, making memories for each other, and at the end of the day, looking at the camera or not, that’s what matters.





and that’s the way they are, right now.


kristy, mark, rowan, sarah, and shelby, may you always enjoy the present, no matter how crazy it may feel. thank you again, from my heart, for this opportunity to have such an emotional response with a family, outside my own. i loved every minute and am so inspired by the way you live your life, raise your babies, and love each other. thanks for allowing me to observe true love, healthy and happy babies enjoying their childhood, and a family whose “look” is so genuine and beautiful. much love, kj