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dina is the one responsible for all of this (well, and amanda, nothing but love for you a!!:)) mini stuff! she is the director of a stroller strides group in the corona area. (if you are interested in joining fire me off and email and i will get you dina’s contact info.) they are such an amazing group of women, every time i am with them there is this unexplainable bond of sisterhood. it’s cool. i have tried to join the sisterhood, but they told me to try back next year, when i’m as beautiful as their leader.  


i am so grateful to her and all the stroller strides ladies who have allowed me to photograph their children and now their families; it is always really special for me to be able to be with them for a bit! dina is so magnetic; right now i want her to come over and hang out, make me laugh, and tell me great stories. her humor is quick; i like that, and she doesn’t take things too seriously: such a great trait in a leader.

doesn’t she look like you could tell her anything and not be judged for one second, but completely understood and still accepted. that basically sums her up. she is warm and kind and lovely.


her man, like most, wasn’t to interested in family pictures; it’s tricky for them when there is a ball game on or something else they would rather be doing, like kicking back a few with friends in the garage watching the tube, or at home depot gathering supplies for the next project. i totally get it, appreciate it, and can empathize. my man is so good about pictures…now…

gary, like i said, was there on the wiles of his wife. 😉 he didn’t really care to be in too many pictures, only the important ones. i am so glad that i caught this expression. i don’t know him, at all really, but i think f. scott fitzgerald would describe this expression as a “smile of understanding”. it translates so much about him: compassion, kindness, a strong provider, a great dad, and hopelessly in love with that stunning and sultry goddess on his shoulder.

love this image. 


and you know who belongs to them?

miss emma yummy hot cakes baby! eating her up. everyone stop trying to nibble the screen! (joy, my friend, who is a pro at this… give her a flavor!! what flavor is she?)


and brother, logan, who came with the best accessory of the day and chose it himself. i love how much this shares about him.

the tie really is so rad.


and the eldest with the most gorgeous eyes, alley cat. ps no enhancement to those babies!! she is such a sweet girl. when she can babysit i want her at my house. mostly because she will be able to babysit before she can drive, and that means dina will have to drop her off, and i will get to see dina every friday night. i am serious about alley babysitting. don’t get any ideas striders. i call her. dibbbbsss!


and my vote for christmas card this year…


because think of how punny the message could be: “shouting it from our house to yours, happy holidays!!” 

also, everyone knows how i think a perfect picture isn’t perfect but illustrates so much about personalities? tell me you aren’t chuckling a bit? right? love it! it’s got my vote. any other messages you can think of to use with this one?

and a good stand by that also translates personalities and demonstrates what a gorgeous and grounded family they are:


dina, thank you for having me! i really do think you are an outstanding person, and am so happy to know you!! your family is absolutely lovely!

xoxo kj

ps get your “comments on”. i saw a sneak peek of the giveaway today…you will love it! so festive and so kamee june!!! 😉