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there is only one more chance after this to be entered into the drawing for my first give-away.  it is going to be perfect for the holidays with a little bit of kamee june flair. my super talented friend, more to come of her, is custom designing the prize. eeeekkkkk! i am stoked!! so, you know the rules. first one to comment is automatically in the drawing, then i will randomly select a name from the rest to go into the mix. leave these families some love! they deserve it!!

remember the gold digger from the sneak peek? here he is again! this was pre-digging. i chased him around trying to get his pictures; he kept me entertained though with stories and songs. i do wish i had time to share more; their gallery is full of great images with so much character.



his lovely and attentive parents:


a super sweet and very kind family:


this little guy is turning one soon, and he is soooooooooo big:


his brother should be in magazines. a: look at him b: almost every frame he was looking at me and smiling. no kidding.


their parents, who hesitated to take any together, but i am so glad they did. it’s super important to remember the original team:


and one of the family. i chose this one because of what i said previously, in almost every frame, even the family ones, almost everyone is looking at the camera, rare, we all know. that’s why i chose this one, because it was different from all the rest: only one was looking at the camera. i think it’s great!!


thanks again for the opportunity to meet you and photograph your awesome families! kj