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it kind of wigs me out (in a good and amazing sense of wiggin’) that a human body can conceive another human body.

and that that little human can be born, and breath, and live, and grow.

what really wigs me out is how fast it all happens.

how really fast it all is happening.

this was last year. the day before starting 1st grade:

and this was how wise and even more handsome he had waxed by the end of the first legit year of school:

and this (insert serious wiggin’) is where he sat on our back porch on the eve of 2nd grade.

it is amazing to me what summer sun does to the weeds.

gunnar, watching you grow is one of my life’s most profound gifts. i love you. so much. everything about you is my favorite:

may you keep growing: tall, strong, wise, kind, understanding, and good both in heart and nature. may you always know that you  are loved, by many, and that home is always safe!

may you know you got your looks from your mother! 😉 ha!!

and may you always have a certain spirit of youth about you, no matter how old you grow:

same rules apply cowboy:

be nice. to everyone.

be the friend you would want to have.





and remember: poo and pee jokes really aren’t that awesome.

we love you. more than words, space, or time will ever comprehend.

go now. take on 2nd grade. we’ll be here to see it all happen and will be proud of you every moment on the way!

before i know it i’ll turn around and see this face in this cap, even though in reality the face will be 11 years older, perhaps a bit tanner from summer sun’s and swims, but still as sweet and loving as it is today, right now.

gunnar, you are my greatest accomplishment son! nothing i will ever do will compare to you or larkin! may you know and remember that, always!!!

i’ll be out front of the school waiting for you. waiting to hear all about the first day of the 2nd grade!! i love you, mom