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summer. family in town. weddings. more family in town. children. more children. the neighborhood children. more family in town. weddings. the beach. the water park. more neighborhood children. here. there. everywhere…

i have so much to blog it’s ridiculous. if i could clone myself the soul purpose of the clone would be to sit and blog. that’s how bogged it is!! i have holiday pictures from 2009 in the cue. not kidding; it’s pretty backed-up!!

i promise to get on it when my kiddos are back in school and i have a bit of time to concentrate on what’s in front of me! i’m certain the majority of you totally and completely get it. the rest of you, share the secret, please!! 😉

i meant to get a big, big blog post up this week of paige and angel’s wedding, but alas, it didn’t happen!!

hang on to this for now…

and let this tide you over until i get back to a normal routine and have my computer all to myself: