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my family and i got back from a ridiculously needed vacation last sunday, where we basically did a whole bunch of NOTHING, which couldn’t have been more perfect!! the days felt long. the rest was full and complete. and the company was easy going and mellow. coming back, was, well, just plain rude. the proverbial ground was hit with running shoes: we started 2nd grade, went back to the FULL swing of work, got back into routines, and laundry was washed and folded for two full days. regardless of the rude check back into reality, our reality is a great one to check back into! and there really is no place like home! the last couple of days though have taken me back to a metaphorical dock, on a figurative bay, wasting time i now wish i had more of!

i shot these images months ago. (this is an indicator as to how far back i am on blogging. seriously. i could go back to NAM with how much i need to blog! it’s pathetic…) these images were taken at the first love+marriage=baby carriage workshop that i co-hosted with my good friend and colleague julie rollins. the workshop was one of those experiences that you loved so much, but have such a hard time explaining because everything about it was so unbelievable, kind of like 7 days of vacation! πŸ˜‰

julie and i are planning our 2nd workshop this october and would love to have you as a part of it!! you can check out all the details and reserve your spot here! it’s going to be one of the best vacations/experiences/opportunities/workshops you ever attend! not to mention the community you will come away with, the new skill set your will acquire, the business practices and procedure you will adopt, and the images you will create!! πŸ˜‰

these images were shot on our first day of the workshop at our couples shoot. we shot them at the newport dunes in newport california, Β and katrina kirk is responsible for their hair, make up and styling.

i hope they take you someplace peaceful and relaxing, even if it is just for a few moments in the catacombs of your vacation mind!!

i loved the time i had to actually snuggle my man, for longer than 3.2 mili-seconds of a moment. it was good to be close and not have to race to the next thing. i needed that, for sure.

just felt good to not have to rush anywhere and to have the people closest to my heart closest to me. was the best “good” ever.

thank you to julie, the dunes, our model couple, katrina, amanda for finding the dunes, and everyone who came to the workshop for being present!! πŸ˜‰

here’s to everyone who will be at the october workshop, and to finding a few moments in life that feel like vacation in the every day hustle!

much love everyone, kj

ps keep your eyes on the blog and facebook for a killer end of summer kj blow out sale!!!! it’s coming soon and is going to be hot! (kind of like our ridiculous weather!! ;))