Flash Sale: London’s Calling

Literally, this time next week I will be in London. It’s almost here. Feels like I am getting ready to go home. Happiness is a complete, utter understatement!

I am so excited for the work I have, so excited for the friends I will be able to spend time with, beside myself happy with the friend I am traveling with, and over the moon thrilled at the opportunity to meet new people and make memories together!! In honor of that feeling I am offering a London flash sale!! It will last for 48 hrs!! That will give us time to get your date set, all the details arranged and get you all booked for your portrait session or mentoring session before I need to be packed and headed over the pond!!

KJ London Flash Sale

Portrait Sessions (this covers any portrait need you might have or want: engagement, maternity, family, senior portraits, boudoir, etc.):

1 hour shoot

Your favorite 30 images from the shoot, full resolution, and full photoshop edits.

For $600.00!!!

and…That’s how much I love YOU and LONDON!!!!

Also, if you are interested in booking a mentoring session I am going to be traveling with a friend who is a perfect model so we’ll have someone on hand to photograph and use for practice, and I can think of so many places where we can meet and discuss your business practices and goals, hopes and dreams, favorite London baked goods, stores you love to shop at, favorite colors…I digress…do you see how happy I am!!!??? All jokes in my pockets, I can think of many a quaint place for tea to meet to visit your business philosophies and how I can help you take them to the next level!! If you book a mentoring session I will take 25% off, in the next 48 hours, on all of my mentoring packages!

You have to act fast, and you have to live in England and be free to shoot March 1-15th, if you want this deal!! Fire me off an email at kamee@kameejune.com to get yourself booked and to discuss any more details!! So excited for our date in London!! See you there in a week’s time.

Kamee June Black Friday Sale: The Black and White of it!

I have shared before that I am not a crazy Black Friday fanatic. I stay in at all costs. Nothing lures me out unless it is lunch with a good friend that I haven’t seen in a while!! I try and make Black Friday really mellow, super black and white: chill, no stress. I for sure, don’t wear make up on that day; why rock the boat in any way during my mellow, online shopping day? ;)

I don’t buy in to sitting on the curb for hours waiting for the doors to open, and then going CRAZY for a few t-shirts. I just can’t do it. My friends totally can. They are so good at their Black Friday shopping they get maps of the store and cover different ground, filling carts with each other’s list and their own desired items found in their delineated sections of the store on their outlined and highlighted, mind you, maps. I listen to their plans, haggle them, and then consider my Black Friday: jammies, no make up, kiddos stretched all over me, fire in the fire place if it’s cold enough, and the start of all of our favorite holiday movies. Peaceful. I do, however, start my shopping, in between our restful movie marathon by  doing it all online. No fuss, no anxiety over crowds, no hating people fighting over a size XS or L, just clicking and buying. Saving and preparing for the happiest, most romantic, and cozy gift giving season ever!! Pretty, straight forward for me, no maps, conquests, crowds, headaches, black and white shopping happiness!!

I am going to add to those of you shopping online today and those of you looking on your phones while standing in line with one of the greatest Black Friday Kamee June sales, well, EVER!!!

EVERYTHING I DO, EVERYTHING, for 24hrs. is 50% off!!!

All my sessions, photography packages, prints, albums, mentoring sessions, even my wedding packages  (for one day, 24 hours) are half off!!! All you have to do is buy a $100 gift voucher, see buy button below, save your receipt, present it to me at booking sometime in the year 2014 (coupon is good for a year), and you will get 50% off whatever you are booking with me!! It’s that easy. Black and white if you ask me!

Here’s the steps:

1. Buy the coupon for $100 today. (The $100 coupon will be deducted from your half priced total.) Click on the button below. Super easy!!

2. Save your receipt. Print it off!! Tuck it away where you will remember where you put it; one receipt is good for one KJ transaction.

3. Contact me when you are ready to redeem it. Tell me you have a coupon and what you would like to use it on.

4. We set up whatever you want i.e. portrait session, mentoring session, wedding, etc.

5. When it comes time to pay you will pay 50% less than the total price minus the $100 coupon you purchase today!!

6. THERE ARE NO LIMITS!! BUY COUPONS FOR YOUR ALL FAMILY MEMBERS!!! Memories in the form of portraits are the best presents you can buy!! (I travel everywhere; buy enough coupons for all your family members and I will come to you!!)

7. There are a few limitations: the coupons do not apply to previously booked clients, portrait sessions or brides (I promise I will still take very good care of you in other ways!!) the coupons do not apply on customized wedding packages; they only apply to my two current wedding packages, meaning you can only book my existing packages (please email me if you are considering using the coupon on your wedding!! kamee@kameejune.com). The coupon also can’t be applied to the Fall Special that is running until December 31st, 2013. That is a sale all on it’s own.

8. Email me for any questions or for more details or to get yourself booked!! It’s pretty easy: buy your coupon today, there is no limited amount on how many you can buy, and you will get 50% of the KJ product of your choice. Each coupon is limited to one product or service!! THEY DO EXPIRE IN A YEAR’S TIME!!! You will need more than one coupon for different services!! Again email with questions!! If not, get to buying!!! The button is below!! Just click buy now, save your receipt and be in touch with me when you are ready to redeem!!

9. You will have one year from today to redeem your 50% off coupon AND the receipt needs to be present as an attachment when you contact me for booking!

10. And that’s the black and white of it. All things KJ 50% off today!!! You have 24 hours, get to shopping!!!! Let me know what questions you have! You can reach me at kamee@kameejune.com. If you are a wedding client or have any questions and would rather talk things out, email me and let me know you would like to visit; I will be free to talk on Friday to answer any questions!!!

Happy Friday, everyone!! Happy shopping!! Happy gift giving!!! May the presents you choose be meaningful and lasting!! I’ll be here all day, just chillin’, if you need me!! Much love, KJ

Here’s to a great deal, a black and white one, to help you make memories that will make your hearts happy!!
PS Thank you to Ashley and Kenny for being my dear friends! I love these images of you two, not nearly as much as love you!! ;) 

Fall Festivus Kamee June Specials

Hey there!!

I am here and there is a lot of dusting to do. I haven’t made a proper blog post in so long, and I am so sorry! Life has hit hard; I am so grateful to be alive and to be experiencing it all, the ups and downs, the happy and sads, the brights and darks. I am particularly grateful for the opportunity photography has given me to meet knew people who have touched my heart so profoundly and reminded me of how much we, as people, need each other. I love how we, even strangers, who have only know each other for 5 minutes can lift each one another! I am also grateful for all the travel my job lends me to; I feel so alive when I am in a new place, so filled with inspiration and enlightenment!!

I am also, so thankful, for all the different levels of love I am able to witness. It fills me, like air, from the top of a mountain!

As a thank you to all of you who have so profoundly loved me this year, I want to give something back!! This post has been in the working for a while now and I hope I am not too late with holiday picture plans, engagement parties, weddings, pending babies, birthing babies, or any other special time that might need extra special photographic coverage. I also needed some travel plans to book to have concrete details to share. From my heart, thank you, all of you, for being a part of my business, for being a part of my life, and for touching my heart by sharing your special times with me!!

To celebrate life, experience, and my three most favorite months of the entire year I am offering a Fall Festivus Kamee June Special!!! It includes everything I shoot and do!! I am shooting mini sessions in CA and AZ. Am traveling to a lot of cool places again this fall and next year and I plan to mingle work with travel, this discount applies to all of that as well. I would love to be a part of all of your memories: engagements, weddings, family memories, expectant parents, new babies, special gifts for spouses, high school senior portraits, just- because- you- deserve- new- and- beautiful- pictures- of- yourself, for whatever reason you might need portraits, I would like to be a part of it!!

It is also starting to be that season where we all send out mass amounts and receive beautiful cards from all our friends and family. Hopefully I will have something to fit the bill to help with those needs as well! ;)

Fall Festivus Kamee June Special Pricing

California Mini Sessions with Kamee June– $300.00

I have two days slated for California Portrait Mini- Sessions.

The mini-session includes: 20 minutes of shoot time, and your favorite 10 full resolution images on disk with full artistic edits, all ready and perfect for your holiday needs!

November 1st, 2013

I still have 300pm, 330pm, 400pm, 430pm, and 500pm available.

November 2nd, 2013

I have 330pm, 400m, and 530pm available.

The California mini-sessions will be held in an Orange Grove in Corona.

This mini-package price is only good for these dates. To reserve a date and time there is a $100 deposit that is non-refundable, but can be transferred if your date were to change, and that deposit is, of course, deducted from your total.

Regular Portrait Session with Kamee June–$650.00

If you are more interested in the full Kamee June experience I am offering a digital package also at a Fall Festivus price, which includes: 2 hours of shoot time at a location of your choosing, ALL the full resolution images on disk, and your favorite 15 full resolution images with full artistic edits- ready for your holiday card needs and for showcasing in your home!

This package is good for up to a year, but has to be booked (I just need a date and a deposit) by December 31st, 2013. To reserve a date and time there is a $100 deposit that is non-refundable, but can be transferred if your date were to change, and that deposit is, of course, deducted from your total. This would make a great holiday gift as well!! Remember it is good for up to a year, but MUST be redeemed in a year’s time.

All my Kickin’ it With Kamee June Mentoring sessions are 10% off!!!

Book a session now, before December 31st, 2013 and you will have a session that is good for a year!! ;) You can see all the details on mentoring here!!!

Fall Festivus Kamee June Wedding Special–10% and 15% off!!!

The sale applies to my wedding packages as well!! Well, the two I have created. It doesn’t apply to customized packages or to packages that have already been paid down (don’t worry my pretty brides who have already booked; I will still do nice things for all of you too!! ;)).

Email me to get all of this information, but the Fall Festivus Kamee June Wedding Special will take 10% of my first wedding package, and %15 will be deducted if the wedding is paid for in full at the time of booking. AND if the second wedding package is booked 10% will be deducted from that total cost, and %15 will be deducted if the wedding is paid for in full at the time of booking!

Remember the sale applies to my existing packages!! Email me at kamee@kameejune.com to get wedding packages and details!! Spread the word!!! This package will be honored for YOUR wedding date, but it does need to be booked before December 31st, 2013 (deposit needs to be put down and contract signed before December 31st of this year to secure your date.).

Travel Dates!!!

It just wouldn’t be like me to hold still for too long, now would it?! ;) I have travel planned for the rest of this year and some very exciting travel planned for next. Well, it’s all exciting travel to me!! ;) I will be in TX, AZ, UT, DC/VA/MD (As in our nation’s capital!!), NC, AND, drum roll….I am going back to London AND to the Canary Islands!!!

I will be in Dallas, Texas November 14th-17th.

I will be free to shoot anything while I am there. I can put together a string of mini-sessions if there is enough interest, will be available for portrait sessions, engagement sessions, even your wedding if it falls that weekend!! Just let me now your needs and we will make it happen and I will honor all the pricing above for Dallas clients as well!! Fire me off an email at kamee@kameejune.com with questions and to set something up!

I am shooting a lot in Arizona this fall; I will be there November 21st-30th

I am shooting mini sessions (mini-session pricing from above applies to AZ mini’s as well) on November 23rd and 24th.

I am free on the 23rd at 230pm, 330pm, 400pm and 530pm.

I am available on the 24th at 230pm, 330pm, 400pm, 500pm, and 530pm.

Our location is TBA, but it will be a central spot for all AZ-ers!!

If you are interested in making the full investment then I will have time to shoot a regular portrait session, or even your wedding! I plan to be in Arizona for the Thanksgiving holiday so I will have time to accommodate. I will be in town the 21st-30th! Let me know if you would rather do a regular session (special pricing from regular portrait session from above applies) or if you feel you can get enough people in your area to put together another set of mini-sessions, then let’s do it!!

All December I am back in California.

I plan one enjoying the bustle, but will be available to shoot whatever you may need!!

I will be spending New Year’s in Utah, the SLC area.

Let me know if you want to do Happy New Year’s portraits OR if you are getting married! Or whatever portrait need you might have. I will be in town the 29th-4th of January, 2014. 2014, that is so crazy!!!!

January is taking me to Washington, DC!!

I will be there January 14th-18th, 2014!

It is a place I have never been to, but have dreamt of seeing!! I will be there for all portrait work and if you book before December 31st, 2013 all the pricing applies. If you want a mini-session price then get two other families/clients on board and I can honor that pricing!

AND THEN…IN MARCH…I am going back to LONDON and the Canary Islands!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!

Tell all your friends that live in London that I am coming home!

All the pricing from above applies if you book by December 31st, 2013.  (I need at least 3 families, all available for same section of time, to put together mini-sessions!)

Tell all your friends that live in London, or if you happen to live in the Canary Islands or are traveling there early March then spread the word like wildfire that I am coming there too!!! ;) I will be in London March 2nd- March 14th, with a few days off, March 5th-9th, to hit the Canary Islands. If you happen to live there or know someone who does, I will bring my camera and will be free to photograph all your/their memories. I speak Spanish too; that’s and added bonus!! ;) Email me for more London/Canary Island details!

I will be in Charlotte, North Carolina May 1st-4th, 2014.

I am free for mini-sessions if there are at least three clients; gather your friends if that is what you would like to do. Or we can plan regular sessions, or your wedding during that time ;), whatever photography you need to have; I’ll do it!!

And after that I continue another beautiful wedding season in California!! I love my job! I love all the people I meet. I love the opportunities it offers me, and I love that I can be a part of your memory making!! Email me at kamee@kameejune.com to get your date organized and your deposit sorted!

I can’t wait to hear from you and to be a part of your holiday season, and all your live’s memories!! Much, much, love, KJ

In a Quick Second

It was the quintessential first day of school: harried, burnt toast, a timer on the brink of buzzing.

I turned for one moment to salvage what I could of their morning sustenance.

Then I turned back to this: a big bro loving on his little sis, who happened to be a bit anxious about her first day of kindergarden.

She needed him; he sensed it; he was the only one who could make her heart happy in that moment.

I grabbed my camera before they could notice and as i clicked he softly said, “You will be ok; everything will be ok.”

And my heart filled. I want so badly to freeze their time, to slow it down just a bit, but no matter what, it will pass, it comes and goes, and all I can hope is that I am present and fast enough to drink it in, and be grateful it happen.

I am so grateful, these two happened.

I love you both, so much!! May this year of school be filled with great memories!! xx Mom

The Day After Valentine’s

There is still and overwhelming love, everywhere!

More from Shayna and Alex’s engagement soon!!

Hope the weekend is filled with love too!

And, if you got engaged yesterday, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! What a perfect day for it!! Now you can book your photographer today and get a great special!! ;)

Ohhh, and one from yesterday’s Valentine shoot with my littles. I’ll get those up before the month is out!


Kamee June Valentine’s Special

I know it’s not an actual holiday per-say, but I LOVE Valentine’s day! I love all the flower and chocolate deliveries, the romantic dinners, and especially the wedding proposals. It might be cliche, but I think getting engaged on Valentine’s day is so neat!

I love wearing my pink and red, and revealing surprises from the “Love Bug” to my children! And I especially love whatever ever little love note or night out my man plans for us.

It’s just such a good day to be reminded of the best emotion the human spirit and experience can ever witness or feel: LOVE!

In honor of it I am offering a Valentine’s week sale! Everything is 20% off!! Read all of the details below and then email me to book or with any questions you might have!! The sale is good for a week so if you are still looking for a gift idea or if you, like me, sometimes purchase your own gift, then this might just be what you are looking for! ;)

Happy Valentine’s to you all! May Cupid’s arrows strike again, and again, and again!

(Please note: This special can not be applied to already purchased sessions, packages, albums, orders, mentoring sessions, and workshops. And the discounted purchase must be used within a year’s time from the booking date. Also note that the this special can’t be applied to any other that might be run.)

“white” christmas: making magic

jaren and i feel we are hanging on to gun’s innocence in regards to christmas by a thread. he still wholeheartedly believes and is totally motivated by the “you better behave or i will call santa; i have him on speed dial” schtick! but there are enough kids on the playground sharing their thoughts on the myths of the holiday that have him questioning for sure!! i still believes, but has started the questions for sure and in the meantime we carry on with the elf on the shelf and the mystical north pole, and yada yada yada, and we all LOVE it!!! i will admit that even when i was let in on the secret of the holiday i still wanted to believe in my heart that there really was a santa claus. i like to image that there really is, it’s sweet to think of, when you think of it, jolly man, elves that do his bidding, fresh baked cookies at a whim, cozy year long fire, being a part of the most favorite and celebrated time of year, not a bad gig.

during the holidays jaren and i both wish for much cooler temps and just for the month of december, literally december 1 it falls and dec 31 it is swept away, we wish for snow!! our kids have yet to see, and fell, and dance in and lie in, and make angels, in real snow!

a few days ago we dropped homework and other responsibilities to make a little bit of magic, and hopefully a memory or two.

gun and lark, you two are magic to me!! i love you, mom

fake snow at target: $2.50

making it snow with my children: priceless

and because of these two i will keep the magic alive as long. as. i. can.

kamee june 2012 black friday weekend sale

now i know that some of you really enjoy being a part of the black friday mayhem!! i get it. it’s a distinctive energy for sure!! there was a time when i really enjoyed it myself. it totally get being up at 300am for some kind of deal you just will find no where else!!

now, i sit at the computer, in my jammies, with a plate of left overs and a diet coke and i click “add to cart” and then “buy”, and i feel the anxiety level decrease, and that’s the energy i seek these days!!! ;)

then i decorate the tree and watch a great holiday movie snuggled with my littles.

for those of you sitting at home on friday doing your shopping like me, via the internet, then you can hit my sale today too. and if you are out and about in the shopping throng then you do have all weekend to pop over here and check out the great deals i am offering for this year’s black friday!!! you have an entire weekend to shop here! the sale will close on sunday at midnight! so get your shop on. check things out, mull it over, and then come back to make your purchases!!

spread the word to your friends, especially those getting married; however there is something here for everyone!!!
go on! get to stuffing everyone’s stockings with kamee june!!! ;)

happy shopping and holidays!!!!!!!!

a few things to keep in mind about the kamee june sale:

all sales are final.

the black friday promotions do not apply to previous promotions or future promotions.

and everything that you book during the black friday sale needs to be redeemed within a year’s time!!

email me with any questions you might have at kamee@kameejune.com. i’ll be available to help all weekend!!! cheers, kj

just a quick image from our italian thanksgiving at buca di beppo! these two and their dad make my heart the happiest; so excited for the holidays with my babies and my man!!


10% off black friday weekend sale: kamee june portrait session, kamee june wedding package, AND the kamee june wedding weekend experience

kamee june portrait session

the perfect gift for anyone: family, friends, high school seniors, engaged couples, neighbors, literally everybody: a portrait session! it’s impossible to put a price tag on memories!! the portrait session includes two hours of shoot time at a location of your choice and an online gallery with 50-200 images (prints or digital files are purchased after according to my price list.) the kamee june portrait session is originally $275.00, it is being offered at 10% today and thru the weekend! buy one for all your friends!! i would love to be stuffed in everyone’s stocking!

the button to purchase a kamee june portrait session is at the bottom of this post! ;)

kamee june weddings

attention all brides and grooms!!! if you book your wedding with me this weekend you will get an automatic 10% off your total package price!!!!! ;) if you pay in full this weekend i will give you an additional 10% off your package total!! that’s a huge savings on wedding photography!!!

contact me with questions and for more details at kamee@kameejune.com! jump on this deal; it’s a significant savings on wedding photography!!! ;)

ps this discount doesn’t apply to brides and grooms who have already booked; don’t worry, i’ll take care of y’all too!!! ;) i have lots of gifts up my sleeves!! it also can’t be applied to any future discounts. it’s good for these three days only!!

wedding weekend with kamee june

AND i am so happy to announce that i am adding another mentoring session to my kickin’ it with kamee june repetoire!! i am going to be starting something called a wedding weekend with kamee june! basically we hang out all day before a real wedding taking place on a saturday. we discuss all of your questions in regards to booking the wedding clients YOU want and need, cultivating a great client working relationship, wedding day techniques and tips, basically whatever questions you have about shooting a wedding, we cover it. we get you ready to put it all to practice and then the day after we literally put it to practice by shooting a real wedding together!!! then the day after the wedding we will debrief a bit on the experience and have a quick image review of what we shot and how you felt about it all!!!

this experience is going to retail for $1250.00, but for the next three days it is on sale for 10% off the regular price!

booking this will depend on available wedding dates. please contact me at kamee@kameejune.com with questions and wedding weekend dates!! you can pay now to ensure the discount and then we can slip you in in the next year; i have so many GREAT weddings coming up that i would love to have you as a part of!


please email me any questions you have in regards to anything!! excited to hear from you and have you be a part of all of this!!

cheers and happy shopping!!



20% off black friday weekend sale: Love+Marriage=Baby Carriage tuition

another chance to get in on the lmbc april 12-14th, 2013 large group workshop at a discounted tuition price! you have all weekend to save 20% on your tuition, and be a part of this incredible opportunity! we would love to you there!

our workshop is essentially an inclusive approach to being a versatile photographer and multi-faceted entrepreneur. the workshop spans three days; three days of valuable instruction, methodology, and practice. we will discuss our inspirations, branding, marketing, pricing, time management, our individual workflows and our photoshop techniques. we want to show you how we shoot what we LOVE! the workshop will help you be a more holistic shooter!

this workshop has been crafted for the photographer established in his/her business; the goal is to take you to a higher level, to stretch you towards bigger goals!

we are so excited for this workshop, and would to have you as a part of it all!

check out more details on the large group workshop here: kjr collaboration

please feel free to email me or julie at kjrcollaboration@gmail.com with any questions you might have in regards to the workshop!! we would love to have you there!


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