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If you are still here, if you still read, if you still pop in on me, thank you! I am grateful.

I met a friend, last month, who used to read my blog before I was a photographer. Our sons were born at the same time and have “grown-up” cyber-ly together! She says she still stops by and feels sad when there isn’t anything new. It made my heart drop! For those of you who still come by to check on me, thank you! To those of you who are new, welcome! To those of you who never thought I would post again, get ready, ’cause, I am back!! I have much to share and have been keeping all the weddings I have shot the past two years under my hat, mainly because I wanted to share them properly, here, in this new space!! I love the work and art of making memories, and I am encouraged and inspired by this new site to share all of the gorgeous celebrations I have been a part of. I will be blogging regularly now! I promise! I also promise to write more. That is something I told myself I needed to do. The blog will remain a scope of professional mingled with tid-bits of personal.


This new site has been in the works for over two years now. Not kidding. I had a strong momentum and then life, like it has a tendency to do, hit hard, and I needed to shelf this for a bit. My heart is full that is it ready, and it feels like a metaphorical rebirth on a certain level.


I would be remiss if I didn’t thank everyone who has been so helpful and patient during the process:

The ladies and gent of Wiley Valentine, Rachelle, Sarah, and Phil, who have worked tirelessly for these two years taking ideas, re-working them, taking new ideas, and finally creating this gorgeous place to display and showcase my work. Thank you for sharing your hearts and talents with me. Your patience was endless. Your company ranks among the top in customer care and also in producing a top- notch quality product. I felt taken care of, looked after, and knew you had my best interests, and those of my business in mind the entire process. Thank you, from my heart, for sharing your talents with me. Thank you for developing such a true reflection of who I am as an artist; I am thankful!!



We shot my head shots (Thank you Julie and Rebecca) nearly two years ago, and my promo video a year ago, May (Head on over to the experience page and check it out!! Not saying because it’s about me that it’s bomb, saying it’s bomb because Kale Fitch made it!!). It was one of my best days of my grown-up life, thanks to Kale Fitch of Kale Fitch Films, Ashley, Kenny, Amanda, and Jessica. Real World Palm Springs, FOREVER!! Kale, thank you for reminding me of so many things about myself through your lens. I am profoundly grateful for you and your talent. We should all make videos about ourselves; they are tremendous self confidence boosters!! 🙂 Ashley, Kenny, Amanda, and Jess, thanks for showing up and doing everything you did to make that day a success. I love the memories we made! I can’t watch the video without thinking of us all, and worrying about Kale needing a helmet!!


I am grateful for my friends and colleagues who looked at drafts and gave me honest feedback and who continuously pushed and still push me to reach my potential both personally and professionally each day: Ashley, Joy, Rebecca D., Julie, Amanda, Rebecca W., April E., Kate, Amber, Shannon A., Brooke, Kip, and Rachel Clare.


A big thank you to Jaren for always believing in me and whatever dream or scheme I come up with. Thank you for supporting all the shooting, traveling, time away, and wacky ideas to build sets in the garage. I am grateful for your confidence in me, no matter what I want to be or do each day; thank you for believing I am good at it!

My kids, who probably associate their mom with the back of my head and a large computer screen, may you know you were always my first priority. May you feel it and remember nothing of Photoshop or Lightroom from your childhood!! Regardless of where I go, how many pictures I take, the memories I make with you two will ALWAYS, be my most favorite. Thank you for being my sweetest sweets.


My parents, my family, my friends, my neighbors, my dog (we got one), my clients, ALL OF YOU who have trusted me with your life’s most precious moments. Thank you!! Thank you, from my heart for sharing that with me! Thank you for flying me around the world to be there to celebrate. Thank you for trusting me to make those memories that would take you back in time and hug your hearts every time you look at them. Thank you for sharing my name with your friends and for widening my circle of not only clients but friends as well!! I am so very grateful for all the experiences and love I have been able to be a part of. Thank you a thousand times over!


Ahhhh! I am so happy it is up!! So happy to have a new place and space! So happy to share pretty pictures regularly now!! Cruise around and check out all the cool stuff built in to the site!! Sort through the galleries and look at all the pretty pictures and memories! Fire me off an email, share this new site on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter; there are buttons for all of those things now too!!

Thank you for being a part of me and a part of Kamee June Photography! I am grateful for all the love, support, and encouragement you have shared and continue to share with me!!


The site was supposed to launch June 1, because I am thematic that way, but the Gods of computer programming, backing-up, and switching servers had another plan: site will launch in my birthday month!!! 😉 And for the entire month of July in honor of the new site, AND my birth I want to offer a gift to all of you!!!

Book anything with me, a portrait session or one of my wedding packages and you will get a complimentary 12×12 20 page Kamee June Signature album as a thank you gift AND 10% off whatever you are purchasing!!! Scoot on over to the info link to check out pricing; do the math, subtract 10% from the total, add an album (you will get an engagement album if you choose the wedding package that includes an album), click on contact and let’s set something up!!! Spread the word!! If you book AND get a friend to book I have even more to offer you! 😉

PS Brides if you pay up front, in full, that will be 20% off the total, PLUS the album!!! Happy Birthday to me!!! And Happy Wedding/Celebrating to all of us!!! The July/re-launch gift lasts this month, meaning you have to book in the month of July, but will have the full year to redeem the gift. (Don’t worry if your wedding date isn’t this year; we will sort it out!)  *Brides, email me if you have specific questions about dates, etc. Hit the contact button above and let’s set something up!! Excited to hear from you!!!

AND It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday cards! The girls at Wiley Valentine are kindly and so sweetly jumping on the promotion train and are offering an exclusive 15% off any holiday card order when you book your Kamee June photos!  First book a session with me and then head over there and let the ladies know!! (I’ll let them know you have booked too! ;)) Their distinct designs offer the perfect blend of vintage and modern aesthetics. Browse their lookbook from last year to see a small sampling of their paper creations.

Brides, they will also offer 15% off your invitation suite or wedding printing needs after booking with me!! They are lovely ladies who will create the most beautiful customized written and printed memories! For information, first get yourself booked with me, then fire off an email to Sarah at 


Thank you again for all the support, love, encouragement, experience, and opportunity to be a part of your live’s memory making!! Here’s to many more years and many more photographs that always hug heart and take you back in time, every time you look at them!! IMG_5626

 Much Love, Kamee June