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I have shared before that I am not a crazy Black Friday fanatic. I stay in at all costs. Nothing lures me out unless it is lunch with a good friend that I haven’t seen in a while!! I try and make Black Friday really mellow, super black and white: chill, no stress. I for sure, don’t wear make up on that day; why rock the boat in any way during my mellow, online shopping day? 😉

I don’t buy in to sitting on the curb for hours waiting for the doors to open, and then going CRAZY for a few t-shirts. I just can’t do it. My friends totally can. They are so good at their Black Friday shopping they get maps of the store and cover different ground, filling carts with each other’s list and their own desired items found in their delineated sections of the store on their outlined and highlighted, mind you, maps. I listen to their plans, haggle them, and then consider my Black Friday: jammies, no make up, kiddos stretched all over me, fire in the fire place if it’s cold enough, and the start of all of our favorite holiday movies. Peaceful. I do, however, start my shopping, in between our restful movie marathon by  doing it all online. No fuss, no anxiety over crowds, no hating people fighting over a size XS or L, just clicking and buying. Saving and preparing for the happiest, most romantic, and cozy gift giving season ever!! Pretty, straight forward for me, no maps, conquests, crowds, headaches, black and white shopping happiness!!

I am going to add to those of you shopping online today and those of you looking on your phones while standing in line with one of the greatest Black Friday Kamee June sales, well, EVER!!!

EVERYTHING I DO, EVERYTHING, for 24hrs. is 50% off!!!

All my sessions, photography packages, prints, albums, mentoring sessions, even my wedding packages  (for one day, 24 hours) are half off!!! All you have to do is buy a $100 gift voucher, see buy button below, save your receipt, present it to me at booking sometime in the year 2014 (coupon is good for a year), and you will get 50% off whatever you are booking with me!! It’s that easy. Black and white if you ask me!

Here’s the steps:

1. Buy the coupon for $100 today. (The $100 coupon will be deducted from your half priced total.) Click on the button below. Super easy!!

2. Save your receipt. Print it off!! Tuck it away where you will remember where you put it; one receipt is good for one KJ transaction.

3. Contact me when you are ready to redeem it. Tell me you have a coupon and what you would like to use it on.

4. We set up whatever you want i.e. portrait session, mentoring session, wedding, etc.

5. When it comes time to pay you will pay 50% less than the total price minus the $100 coupon you purchase today!!

6. THERE ARE NO LIMITS!! BUY COUPONS FOR YOUR ALL FAMILY MEMBERS!!! Memories in the form of portraits are the best presents you can buy!! (I travel everywhere; buy enough coupons for all your family members and I will come to you!!)

7. There are a few limitations: the coupons do not apply to previously booked clients, portrait sessions or brides (I promise I will still take very good care of you in other ways!!) the coupons do not apply on customized wedding packages; they only apply to my two current wedding packages, meaning you can only book my existing packages (please email me if you are considering using the coupon on your wedding!! The coupon also can’t be applied to the Fall Special that is running until December 31st, 2013. That is a sale all on it’s own.

8. Email me for any questions or for more details or to get yourself booked!! It’s pretty easy: buy your coupon today, there is no limited amount on how many you can buy, and you will get 50% of the KJ product of your choice. Each coupon is limited to one product or service!! THEY DO EXPIRE IN A YEAR’S TIME!!! You will need more than one coupon for different services!! Again email with questions!! If not, get to buying!!! The button is below!! Just click buy now, save your receipt and be in touch with me when you are ready to redeem!!

9. You will have one year from today to redeem your 50% off coupon AND the receipt needs to be present as an attachment when you contact me for booking!

10. And that’s the black and white of it. All things KJ 50% off today!!! You have 24 hours, get to shopping!!!! Let me know what questions you have! You can reach me at If you are a wedding client or have any questions and would rather talk things out, email me and let me know you would like to visit; I will be free to talk on Friday to answer any questions!!!

Happy Friday, everyone!! Happy shopping!! Happy gift giving!!! May the presents you choose be meaningful and lasting!! I’ll be here all day, just chillin’, if you need me!! Much love, KJ

Here’s to a great deal, a black and white one, to help you make memories that will make your hearts happy!!
PS Thank you to Ashley and Kenny for being my dear friends! I love these images of you two, not nearly as much as love you!! 😉