The Sweetest People. Ever.

The sweetest, sweetest, sweetest, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweetest, sweetest, want to hang out with them all the time, sweetest. couple. ever. Their wedding is coming in a few months and it is going to be SO GOOD!!!!! Thinking about them right now makes me smile. They are the people I want to “coffee” or “lunch” with regularly. They are so FUN, and SO happy and  SO smiley!! AND so excited to be married and I am beside myself to spend more time with the sweetest couple on their wedding day, which is going to be ridiculously cool and SWEET and perfect, just like them!!!!

I hope I communicated how great I think they are and how excited I am to be a part of their celebrating!!! :)

Here’s to them and their sweet!!! :)

Are you in LOVE with them too? I know, right? They are SO awesome! SO cool and just so sweet!!!! And her dress? I want it in every color!! ;)

Los Angeles Photography Workshop- KJR Collaboration Workshop

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See you next month!!



When I was younger and so in love with the idea of finding someone to love I remember a conversation I had with my mom in regards to the topic. I wanted to know how it would feel to truly know love and to be able to recognize when it was in my life. My mom didn’t say anything cliche: It’s just a feeling; you just know when you know; your heart feels the happiest ever. Nothing like that, although some cliches said of love can be true. She did, however, tell me, “You will know your truest love when you find the person who compliments your true self in the best ways.” Then she went on to say love [romantic] isn’t something to run into, that a wedding day doesn’t make up for a lifetime of experiences that need to happen to help your character prepare, etc., because she wanted to direct my attentions (I was very young at the time), on school and other goals I had set for myself. I caught her drift immediately. My parents are and have always been so wise. When I did meet Jaren I understood what she was trying to communicate. Her words resonate with me often, almost every weekend, in fact; I think about them particularly when I shoot engagement sessions and weddings.

April and Jason are the most prepossessing compliments of each other. I loved how comfortable they were together and how comfortable their relationship made me, and I am certain makes others!

I look forward to sharing more of them, their families, best friends, and their celebration in a month’s time.

For now, a few sweet moments from their engagement session in LA’s Art District.

April and Jason, I was so inspired by the two of you!! My compliments to you both!! ;) Much love, KJ

These next three are my FAVS:

And all of these super close 2nds to the favs:

We turned a bit of music on; these two are GOOD dancers!! ;) Can’t wait for the party party of the wedding!!

ps April, you are so enchantingly beautiful!! I can’t wait to see you as a bride!! Jason is very, very lucky!! ;) xx


Kara, Kyle, the Field, and the Football

This is the truth: I am behind. Really, really, behind. I have sessions and weddings dating to almost a year ago that still need to be posted. The other part of the truth: I am keeping some of them under wraps for the big release of my new site. (Which is under construction, but is coming soon!!! Good things take time, lots of it!) The other truth, why I have waited so long to post these, is because I knew they were going to make me so homesick for these two, and sure enough, wouldn’t you know it, they did. I wanted to hop a flight to Jacksonville, buy a piece of property, and live half my time in Florida, next to these two, and the other half at home, with my family. ;) My Fall weekend in Florida was so restful, even though we filled it with two days of shooting, it was still one of those weekends that you just love because you spend it with people that you love so much! We caught up, ate homemade meatloaf (you’ve turned so Southern,Kara), had dinner out with the team, took a ride on the A1A, talked all about the life of an NFL player (That was so fascinating!! So much I didn’t know, but was so interested to learn!!) shared all our funniest-current stories, we brunched (I LOVE TO BRUNCH!) talked wedding of course, and on my last day I got my own personal tour of the Jaguars’ empty stadium (Oh, and I hand carried an autographed football and legit NFL gloves on the plane to take home to Gunnar; he slept in the gloves for weeks, and will only practice with that ball.) The time, like always, went too quickly. I was so thankful for the trip and so thankful for the time we had together!

I knew these images were going to make me miss them. I also knew they were going to make me profoundly grateful they are in my life!! They both infuse such a spark! They always have!! I felt so filled after my weekend in Jacksonville, and  so very excited for them on so many levels, mainly that they have each other to run life’s plays with! ;) I love them both, very much and am SO excited for their nuptials next year! The details that are forming are ridiculous!!

Like I said we shot for two days so the image roll was significant, and like I shared I am saving some of them for the release of my website!!  For now, I’ll let these leak! ;)

Kara and Kyle, Thank you again for the great trip to the “South”! Thank you for the fun memories and our great weekend together! I am so happy for you both, so very happy!!

My Favorite:

She’s got that great Victoria’s Secret hair and there is such a good relaxed Sport’s Illustrated vibe:

I had to giggled at how the football showed up in most of these like it was their baby; I guess it kind of is right now-metaphorically speaking!! ;) We ditched the “baby” for a couple! ;)

Not bad, Baby!K and K, Thank you again for the great weekend, and for all the memories!! Much, much love to you both!! xx Kam

Enjoy a few more!!

“After years of admiring Kamee’s work, I knew I wanted her to shoot my wedding. As a matter of fact, I knew she would be my photographer before I even knew who my husband would be. She has a way of capturing the most beautiful parts of a moment – whether that be the small smile your partner gives you when he thinks no one’s looking, or the sassy attitude you shoot back his way when he’s teasing. She gets to the real soul of a couple, of a person. She has a way of deep-diving right into a conversation and has the ability to create an instant friendship. That relationship makes you feel at-ease, and comfortable. Being comfortable, and natural, is beautiful. And Kamee gets that.

When we did our engagement session, my fiance and I had a few ideas in mind that we shared with Kamee. Not only did she work with our requests, she ran with our small ideas and found a way to make each one an awesome reality. To her, no idea was too silly to try. I can only imagine the photographer’s nightmare I must be, but Kamee was always game. You want to shoot on a sunny beach at high noon? I’m in. You want to have your dog in some shots? Rad. You want to play tackle football with your 240 lb. fiance? Let’s do it. The best part about Kamee is that she really takes everything and improves it. You give her a small idea, she gives you big results. You give her a grumpy fiance, she gives him a reason to smile at you. You give her a few hours, she gives you breathtaking images to remember a moment you didn’t even realize you’d never want to forget.” – Kara Bosworth

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