brooke, rob, the people who love them, and the firestone winery

i have know brooke and rob since they were 15 years old and in the throws of trying to find themselves amidst the wiley waves of high school. i was their english teacher and they were two of my students, whom i loved very, very much. i am smiling considering that time  in my life. i loved it, and was so happy as a teacher. i loved all those kids and all their drama! i loved all of the hope for their future, and mine, that i saw in each of them. room 903 was a good place to be. i am laughing a bit thinking of the assumptions made by my students on the first day of school after “meeting” me. i was always stern the first couple of weeks; i had to be teaching high school. most wanted to drop the class because i was so “mean”. (those of you reading this who experienced the first day nuz are shaking your heads in agreeance; you all remember.) none of them would have ever dreamed, after our first meeting, that i would have been present on their wedding days. i’m crying now. i am thinking of how many students i have been able to remain close to, even after leaving the classroom, by way of their lives’ celebrations. i am so grateful for that opportunity. i am so profoundly blessed and happy to still be able to be a part of so many of my students’, now friends’, lives through photography!! i love that although i am not still teaching that i can still be a part of something great and monumental for them!

brooke and rob knew of each other in high school but it wasn’t until after finding themselves in high school and college that they found each other and a very sweet and true love.

having them in my classroom years ago was a highlight of my teaching career. being a part of their wedding day will always be something that touches my heart. i love them and their families so much; it was an honor and a pleasure to have been able to document their day. brooke and rob, i love you both so much and so happy for you! thank you again for the opportunity to have been a part of your celebrating!!  here’s to you both and to all of the things you imaged happening when you were 15 years old, and how they have all perfectly happened!! much love, nuz

every bride, and bride’s mother, deserve a series of images like these. i could barely focus from my own tears. i was so touched. i can only image myself here with larkin someday.

brooke you have always been class and style personified:

and rob, you have always been good, truly good and nice. even as a 15 year old football playin’ kid, you were still nice. if gunnar grows up to be anything like you i will consider myself incredibly blessed!! (one of my dearest friends and colleague’s rebecca eileen shot these images of rob. every wedding we shoot together is magic. everything rebecca touches is gold!)

they were both calm the whole day; brooke did keep saying however that she just wanted to see him. it’s always so sweet when they see each other the first time on their wedding day. it’s another moment that gets me emotional:

rebecca shot this image of the fellas:

such a fun, fun bridal party:

brooke had two requests: marry rob. marry rob under a tree. both were granted.

brooke and rob, thank you again, so much for sharing this time with me!! i am so happy for you both and so happy to have been able to be there!! much love!!

enjoy more from their day in the slideshow below!!!

xxoo kj

always a favorite

the first look is always a favorite moment for me on wedding day.

there is nothing like that anticipation.

just a sneak right now at stephanie and todd’s sacramento vineyard river-side wedding. i am in love with their families, and of course, them! can’t wait to share more from their day!!

for now, may you feel just an inkling of what they did last saturday…

the glamour girl turns four

one of my girlfriends always teases me about how i love to shoot and post pictures of my children sleeping. i always joke back, “i like them best that way!” ;)

i do love how quiet and still they are. how their chests move in rhythm with their breath. i love to see how big they look in their beds all stretched out and relaxed, their bodies tall and healthy, their hearts strong and happy. if i look closely enough i think i see them growing, right in front of me; my eyes play tricks, but it still makes me smile, and at the same time there is a twinge of sadness, because it is all just going so fast!

the old adage really is true: they do really grow so quickly!!

lark turns four today. tomorrow she will turn 16, then i will turn around and she will be graduating from high school and heading to harvard with a full scholarship. then she’ll be studying abroad and applying to grad programs. while abroad she’ll find work with a top fashion agency that will always give us the leftover season samples. she will fall madly in love with a fortune 500 genius who will all set us up for early retirement and will purchase us homes, next door to each other, in the hampton’s. where we will spend the rest of our days watching lark’s children, our grandchildren, grow  as quickly as she did while we pick and eat wild grapes, watch every lazy day’s lazy sunset, and play interminable games of monopoly. ;)

her future, (as i see it ;)) is all going to happen so fast.

i was talking to my dad the other day on the phone. after covering all the basics: health, business, children’s developmental skills and behavior, weather, holiday plans, and politics, i got a little emotional when he asked how i was doing. i was coming out of my 4th really tough mommy day so i broke down a bit and told him that it was just hard being a mom right now. i was speaking the truth. it’s the hardest job, mommy-ing. you work over time every day without pay, never get any sick days, rarely get to be alone to finish one cohesive thought in your head (including your basic level of human need: visiting the bathroom. that always includes at least two additional small people who feel that exact moment of time is best to discuss their basic human needs.), and the benefits, although they are there, can be hard to see at times.

my dad told me i was doing a good job, and that i was the best mom to larkin and gunnar.

that’s what i needed to hear.

although the greatest challenge, it is also the greatest gift.

i loved year three with lark. so much. it was so fun. her personality started to really emerge. she started talking in full and complete sentences, which was really cool (and now she just doesn’t stop talking at all! ;)).

she’s in her room right now playing with her best little friend. i can hear them singing, giggling, and imaging all sorts of great things for themselves and the five extra “friends” they have created that are “in” the room with them too. it’s the sweetest sound and is making me smile!


i love you! we all do! you add so much glitter and charisma to our family! you are sass, sunshine, and sparkle all rolled into one spirited body; you really are sass-tastic!! i love how much you love to shop, dress-up, do make-up and nails; you are so feminine, so pink, and so very pretty!! you are the sweetest part of every one of my days, and i love being with you!! can’t wait for year four!! love you, baby!!

xxoo mom, dad, and gun

ps you promised me the other night you would always be my girl; i’m going to hold you to it. i love you, larkee!

here’s to all the memories we are making; may we hold on to them forever! happy birthday, my love!

just good and nice

i love everything about these two. they are just good and nice people, on every level!!

i have only been with them twice but during both our meetings they have made me laugh, feel happy, and know that even though we have only met twice, they will be my friends for life.

they have also made me realize that love is a gift, and we are so lucky to share it!!

on that note, a little bit of love from beka and jon’s engagement session!!

xo to you both and everyone who see’s these images today!!

the art is found in the space between

i am getting ready to make some big changes to kamee june photography.

new look (you can see some of it here). new site. new stuff. everything is going to be new. new. new!!

i can’t wait!!

hang tight. that’s what i am doing. just waiting for the site to be built!!!

while we are waiting for all the new kj, i will do my best to keep you updated on what has been happening with me all summer.

i have so much to share!! i found these that i was going to use for a fine art post.

decided to share them now instead!!

happy weekend everyone! here’s to embracing change and loving something new!!

it’s not so much what we can see that makes us think something is interesting, beautiful, even artful. it’s what we can’t see that our minds fill in and makes us think on a higher level and enlightens us to something, somewhere.

the same is true with life: what we think might be a vain obscurity is really an equivocal allure.

the art is found in the space between, in the space our creativities fashion.

london love: erin and brett’s engagment

there is a place i love very much. i went to high school there and later studied abroad there while in college. i will never change my citizenship, but london will always be my home town.

funny enough, to call it a home town and not visit it regularly. it took 15 years since studying abroad for me to return to the city where i discovered so much of myself. i was so happy to have had the chance to re-live and re-love all of it with erin and brett, and my good friend shannon, whom i stayed with while visiting.

after erin and brett’s shoot i went to see a show: singing in the rain. so appropriate for so many reasons: i was raised watching that show and LOVING it, it rained the majority of erin and brett’s shoot, and well, it rains most of the time in london!! during the intermission i felt so overwhelmed by so many things. this sounds a bit silly and odd, but i found myself getting emotional. i texted shannon. she texted back, “You’re just emotional right now. Jet-lag. Reunited with your city. Odd shooting in the London rain. Singing in the Rain. It’s okay, go with it.” it was ok! i was totally ok, better than ok. i was home and was crying because i felt so happy!!

go with it i did!!

i felt the reconnect with myself that i needed.

i don’t know if i will ever be able to properly thank erin and brett for the experience and opportunity they offered me. it was surreal doing something i love so much in a place that is so dear to me. thank you, erin. thank you, brett. from my heart, thank you!

i have been excited to share this shoot, but have also waited a bit because it made me so homesick to sort through everything (the olympics did too!!). thank you erin and brett for your patience!!!

i am so excited to be able to be a part of their wedding celebration in a year’s time! i feel blessed to have them in my life!! thank you again for this unforgettable experience!!

much love to you both and to a city we all love!!!

xxoo kj

enjoy a few more in the slideshow below.

again, much love to erin and brett for the indescribable experience, that even though i know happened because i have documented proof, still feels like my fondest dream!! xx



it’s time again: holiday mini-sessions with kamee june

it couldn’t be a more perfect time for family portraits especially now that everyone is bronzed from the summer sun and still in tip-top healthy shape!!

the pending fall is in the air as the halloween decorations bekkon to be brought out of their boxes, which means that we will, in no time, be in full holiday swing. is anyone else completely baffled by how quickly this year went? really. we have four months left of 2012; that is nuts!!!

i know, like many, i look forward and enjoy the holiday season so very much!!

one of my favorite parts of the christmas season is checking the  mail! i love catching up with everyone and feeling close to them even though miles separate. i think it should be compulsory to send out a card quarterly not just at christmas: a christmas card, an easter card, a summer vacation card, and heck, why not, a valentine’s card! wouldn’t that be great! :) oh, and a photograph needs to be a requirement for all of the cards! ;)

i do love getting the mail at christmas time. i especially love it when clients send me their cards. i love to see what they did with the photographs we created together! sometimes i do a double take, once i realize it is a picture i took, i smile. big time. so happy to have been a part of their memory making that year!

it’s time, again, for holiday portraits! time to make some memories and immortalize what your family looks like in 2011. it’s so important to document this, every year!! i know it can be a daunting task! i am facing it right now myself; my family pictures are scheduled for next week and i am in the throws of what to wear…i get it; i totally understand! that’s part of the reason why i try to make it so mellow for you! having your pictures taken really can be a great experience!! it really can be just about time with your family!

last year’s mini sessions were such a success i decided to bring them back again! i wanted to make the family photograph available for as many who wanted to have a noteworthy picture taken of their family without going through a full session or a full session price (even though there are great benefits to doing that!! ;))!

here’s the scoop:

find some clothes that coordinate. throw them on your people. meet me for 20 minutes in old orange at your scheduled time on october 20th. we’ll spend some time making memories and capturing something perfect for the christmas card and the walls of your home! i’ll give you your favorite two images (perfect for holiday greetings) on disk, AND to make things even easier for you, if you choose (and pay a bit extra) i’ll make all your holiday cards for you!! slick as a whistle! ;) can you imagine not even having to worry about that? (i’ll leave the addressing and stamping to you, but the rest will be taken care of on this end; piece of cake! ;))

here’s the details:

when: october 20th, 2012

900am-100pm (sessions will be in increments of 20 minutes. just show up at your time at the designated place. ;))

where: old orange, ca

investment: $190.00 (that includes 20 minutes of shoot time and two fully edited, full resolution digital images (you also will have the option to purchase additional print/ digital images at regular price from my a la carte menu).

OR you can choose to include your christmas cards in the mini-session for $345.00 (that includes 20 minutes of shoot time, two fully edited, full resolution digital files AND 75 holiday cards (the card will be a 5×7 full color, double-sided, card printed on premium photographic card stock with the photo on one side and your personalized message on the other. your envelopes will be included as well.) consider the time it will save you! 20 minutes and then you are done!! ;) you have the option to purchase additional holiday cards. all cards must be purchased in increments of 25; cards pricing is $1.95/card.

for more information and to book your holiday mini session fire me off an email at i can’t wait to meet you all and be a part of your holidays!!

this was a highlight holiday session from last year. LOVED this family! can’t wait to meet and love YOURS!!

looking forward to this year’s memory making!!

email me: and let’s set something up!


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