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i have know brooke and rob since they were 15 years old and in the throws of trying to find themselves amidst the wiley waves of high school. i was their english teacher and they were two of my students, whom i loved very, very much. i am smiling considering that time  in my life. i loved it, and was so happy as a teacher. i loved all those kids and all their drama! i loved all of the hope for their future, and mine, that i saw in each of them. room 903 was a good place to be. i am laughing a bit thinking of the assumptions made by my students on the first day of school after “meeting” me. i was always stern the first couple of weeks; i had to be teaching high school. most wanted to drop the class because i was so “mean”. (those of you reading this who experienced the first day nuz are shaking your heads in agreeance; you all remember.) none of them would have ever dreamed, after our first meeting, that i would have been present on their wedding days. i’m crying now. i am thinking of how many students i have been able to remain close to, even after leaving the classroom, by way of their lives’ celebrations. i am so grateful for that opportunity. i am so profoundly blessed and happy to still be able to be a part of so many of my students’, now friends’, lives through photography!! i love that although i am not still teaching that i can still be a part of something great and monumental for them!

brooke and rob knew of each other in high school but it wasn’t until after finding themselves in high school and college that they found each other and a very sweet and true love.

having them in my classroom years ago was a highlight of my teaching career. being a part of their wedding day will always be something that touches my heart. i love them and their families so much; it was an honor and a pleasure to have been able to document their day. brooke and rob, i love you both so much and so happy for you! thank you again for the opportunity to have been a part of your celebrating!!  here’s to you both and to all of the things you imaged happening when you were 15 years old, and how they have all perfectly happened!! much love, nuz

every bride, and bride’s mother, deserve a series of images like these. i could barely focus from my own tears. i was so touched. i can only image myself here with larkin someday.

brooke you have always been class and style personified:

and rob, you have always been good, truly good and nice. even as a 15 year old football playin’ kid, you were still nice. if gunnar grows up to be anything like you i will consider myself incredibly blessed!! (one of my dearest friends and colleague’s rebecca eileen shot these images of rob. every wedding we shoot together is magic. everything rebecca touches is gold!)

they were both calm the whole day; brooke did keep saying however that she just wanted to see him. it’s always so sweet when they see each other the first time on their wedding day. it’s another moment that gets me emotional:

rebecca shot this image of the fellas:

such a fun, fun bridal party:

brooke had two requests: marry rob. marry rob under a tree. both were granted.

brooke and rob, thank you again, so much for sharing this time with me!! i am so happy for you both and so happy to have been able to be there!! much love!!

enjoy more from their day in the slideshow below!!!

xxoo kj