bora bora

that’s where these two are, in bora bora. i don’t think bora bora has ever seen anything as beautiful as them.

happy honeymooning mr and mrs.

aj and ruth’s wedding coming up!

the anniversary sale

nordtrom has a half yearly. macy’s an anniversary. tiersha and josh’s first year anniversary shoot inspired an idea: the kamee june anniversary sale (it’s not quite my anniversary, but it’s never a bad time for any kind of celebration or sale,right?)

thanks to tiersha and josh for inspiring the idea! we got together a few weeks ago to celebrate their first year!! it was so good to catch up and hear their stories. i loved being a part of their wedding; it was so neat to be a part of their first year!

in honor of them, and all anniversaries here’s the big sale:

a 1-2 hour session with kamee june at a location of your choice (orange, riverside, la, or san diego counties), EVERYTHING from the shoot will come to you on a dvd (full rights and full resolution), AND you can choose to have your favorite 5 images included with full artistic edits (perfect for the christmas card!!) all for $550.00 (plus tax). i can’t even calculate the savings; they are so GREAT! this sale is coming at you in perfect time for your holiday portrait needs, and any early christmas shopping you want to do (photographs make the best gifts, ever! remember this covers the shoot and their purchase order: you/they get everything we shoot!!!) the sale lasts for the month of september! it ends on september 30th, but the coupon can be redeemed for up to a year!! now that’s a sale! ;) email me at to book your session with the anniversary sale. OR you can book the deposit here, pay the remainder the week we shoot, OR purchase the whole certificate now!!


kamee june anniversary sale


and i owe the inspiration all to these two!! thank you tiersha and josh! thanks for inspiring me and for touching my heart again with your friendly attitudes and mellow-low key spirits!! congratulations on your first year, and thanks for sharing its celebration with me!! much love to you both!!

t and j, may all your years be filled with love and laughs!! so good seeing you!!


30% in any classroom is failing.

30% in the nicu is a chance. a chance at life.

i left this session with my heart filled.

a story of triumph and victory you won’t believe coming soon.

last friday night: a sneak peek

i shot a wedding in lavender fields.

can’t wait for you to see it and feel it! i love a good love story.

more from kristen and patrick’s incredible vintage day soon…

goodnight san diego!!!: tricia and rudy, part two

i left you right about here.

let’s take it from the up beat:

one of my most favorite wedding day portrait sessions. ever.

such a gorgeous and sassy bride:

their bridal party? undeniably cool. all of them, rockstars!

it’s just so good when everyone is so willing, and plays the part so well!! ;)

it didn’t take much to light my fire. i had been hot for these two for a long time. everything they choose in relation to their wedding struck a perfect cord with me! courtney of after the engagement is one of my favorite coordinators. i love it when the day is filled with professionals who come together to create a beautiful event. courtney was so collected all day, but knew what needed to be accomplished and how to get it all done. she’s incredible, both professionally and personally. i would work with her on any event!!

their ceremony was officiate by bethel of ceremonies by bethel. if you are looking for an officiant, STOP THE HUNT! i can not tell you how impressed i was with her. everything about her is welcoming. she invites you into her heart the second you meet, and the way she customized the ceremony for rudy and tricia was so distinctive and cool. can’t say enough good about her. she’s incredible!!

and if you are looking for the perfect hair and make up stylist, katrina kirk, is your girl. she’s so good, you will feel like a true rockstar in her chair!! she is the mastermind behind tricia and all her girls’ looks. props, kat. lighters in the air for you!! ;) everyone looked so incredible!!

to my girl julie: thanks for running for bread when the shakes got too bad! ;) i love you friend; so glad you were there to support. you are good at weddings; you sure you don’t want to convert? ;) thank you again for the fun day and time together!

tricia and rudy, thank you again some much for sharing your day with me; i feel so connected to the both of you! like an artist to his guitar!! thank you for allowing me to be there! i loved every measure of it!! love and happiness to you both!! xoxox kj

my shy guy and a really great story

we have made it thru two days of first grade. so far, so good.

my shy guy is going to be just fine, i know it!

i had to write this story down so i didn’t forget it and so i could tease him about it when he is a big shot doctor, lawyer, pharmaceutical rep, or front man for the new u2.

several weeks ago my good friend, april, asked gunnar if he would be interested in a summer job. he got excited knowing the job equals a little bit of cha-ching! april is going on vacaton next week and she asked him if he would mind taking care of her cats while she is away. he consented to the offer and walked a bit taller for a few days knowing he had landed himself some good honest work. ;)

jump ahead to sunday night. gunnar had some concerns about starting school. his worry started to spiral and he decided he just couldn’t handle the pressures of first grade.

“i guess you can drop out, gun. you could be the first first grade drop out.”

“yeah, that’s what i want to do: drop out! i don’t want to go to school.”

“well, alright, but you need to consider your future. what will you do with yourself if you don’t know how to read super, ultra well? how will you get a job if you have only been to kindergarden?”

“MOM!!!! what do you mean? i have a job, REMEMBER? i’m watching april’s cat!!!!!”

‘nuf said. he was right. he has a job. my son, the first grade drop-out cat watcher. all my dreams for his future have come true. and in record time, too. ;)

luckily enough the drop-out topic hasn’t come up again. we’ll just sweep that idea under the rug, as it never really was an option in the first place.

hope that made you smile. kids are good stuff.

off to bed, gotta be up for day three!!

first grade, starts today!

the house is quiet. right now. in 7 minutes i will need to wake the movement. SCHOOL STARTS TODAY!!!

i got a call from a friend last week who had just dropped her son off, “will i ever not cry on the first day of school; will it ever get easier to drop off your children?” i told her that i didn’t think it ever would! i have been emotional over today for a week now. in a good he’s-growing,- healthy- and- happy way, and also in a i- can’t- believe- he- is- growing- so- fast-, i- didn’t- think- it- would- go- that- fast- kind of way. first grade. all day at school. it kind of feels like an arrival, and at the same time an arrival i was never ready to make.

he’s excited though, for the most part, so i keep feeding into that!!

and i’m excited about what he will learn, how he will grow, and skills he will build and the talents he will discover! gunnar, you are such a smart boy!! push yourself! accomplish great things son; your future is so bright!! educated people have every advantage in this world!! dad and i believe in you and every ability you have to find success!

i’m going to miss you while you are at school, lark too, but there are so many others who will be happy to be around you, so many others who will be blessed by your spirit!! may you make good friends this year; may they be good examples to you, and you to them. may you start to value the importance of a secret keeper, a lunch sharer, and a belly laugh indulger!!

your teeth came in this summer! that’s good! ;) man, you are handsome!! that’s good too; handsome people have a lot of advantages in this world as well. now get yourself smart so you can be smart and handsome!

be a good listener; when teacher talks you listen. be a good friend; when you see someone who needs a friend, be that friend. be a scholar; push yourself kiddo, this year you will learn so much!

i will be missing you today, gun! i will be thinking about you and sending you positive love vibes all day!! and i will be there when the bell rings with a big you- made- it- through- the- first- day- of- first- grade hug! you are going to be so good! dad, lark, and i love and believe in you!! i’m looking forward to hearing about everything!! we love you son, so much!! no matter what, you will always be  in the top of our class!! love you gunnie guns!! happy first day of school to you!!!!! i am coming to wake you up now; let the adventure begin! xoxox mom, dad, and lark


these two are getting married. i love that i get to reminisce on my wedding day almost every weekend.

i love my job. love what i do. love that every saturday is wedding day!!

excited to share in lori and brian’s today!!!

packing up now! can’t wait for today!!

cold water

i should have warned her.

i should have said it’s shocking at first, but then i might have missed this.

better i didn’t say anything!

more, from a family i adore, soon.

for now, enjoy the water, no matter its temperature! ;)

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