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i left you right about here.

let’s take it from the up beat:

one of my most favorite wedding day portrait sessions. ever.

such a gorgeous and sassy bride:

their bridal party? undeniably cool. all of them, rockstars!

it’s just so good when everyone is so willing, and plays the part so well!! 😉

it didn’t take much to light my fire. i had been hot for these two for a long time. everything they choose in relation to their wedding struck a perfect cord with me! courtney of after the engagement is one of my favorite coordinators. i love it when the day is filled with professionals who come together to create a beautiful event. courtney was so collected all day, but knew what needed to be accomplished and how to get it all done. she’s incredible, both professionally and personally. i would work with her on any event!!

their ceremony was officiate by bethel of ceremonies by bethel. if you are looking for an officiant, STOP THE HUNT! i can not tell you how impressed i was with her. everything about her is welcoming. she invites you into her heart the second you meet, and the way she customized the ceremony for rudy and tricia was so distinctive and cool. can’t say enough good about her. she’s incredible!!

and if you are looking for the perfect hair and make up stylist, katrina kirk, is your girl. she’s so good, you will feel like a true rockstar in her chair!! she is the mastermind behind tricia and all her girls’ looks. props, kat. lighters in the air for you!! 😉 everyone looked so incredible!!

to my girl julie: thanks for running for bread when the shakes got too bad! 😉 i love you friend; so glad you were there to support. you are good at weddings; you sure you don’t want to convert? 😉 thank you again for the fun day and time together!

tricia and rudy, thank you again some much for sharing your day with me; i feel so connected to the both of you! like an artist to his guitar!! thank you for allowing me to be there! i loved every measure of it!! love and happiness to you both!! xoxox kj